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Last week, I hosted another session of Handmade Film Making during the Coronavirus pandemic. As always, it’s my hope that the daily creative focus is a tonic for those taking part. Giving a chance to concentrate on something new or refine skills and make mini films of this unique time, keeping the process simple, by using just a phone to shoot and edit.

I know being creative helps me when I’m feeling anxious and actually one of the wonderful things that comes out from this daily practice of videoing your day, is noticing the little joys and everyday moments. Plus, what a unique time in our lives to document, as we stay safe at home.

I loved watching everyone’s daily videos, seeing us all doing similar things like, making morning cuppas, prepping meals, making the bed, looking out the window, maybe going for a walk/bike ride and documenting those moments in different ways, all over the world.

It was so heartwarming… every day I spent hours being transported into people’s homes and lives through their stories, created using just their phone. The course hashtag –#handmadefilmmaking – was brimming with creativity and positivity, everyone’s ordinary day felt special.

I know these films will be so interesting to watch again in years to come.

Here’s what some have said about the experience –

JOANNE – I just took part in your Handmade Film Making course and wanted to say thanks so much for all your tips and advice! I had always taken videos of the kids, but had no idea how to go about editing them together or filming the little details to tell a story.

I’ve now done a film a day and they are great to look back on. In this weird and worrying time it would be very easy to look back on the week and think it was filled with anxiety and 3 year old tantrums….but these films have made me look back with a smile and see all the happy moments we actually had. So, thank you so much for the inspiration.

ANNABELL – It is a very strange time in our world and for me personally being away from my fiancé and family has been very daunting. I was looking to fill my time with some creative projects and stumbled upon Xanthe’s Handmade Film Making course on Instagram. At first it sounded a bit intimidating – making a series of films in ten days – but after watching the magical videos Xanthe creates I wanted to dive straight in. The lessons were easily manageable with your own schedule, with a combination of written posts and video tutorials. I managed to complete seven videos over the course which I am really happy with, especially given the current circumstances of being in lockdown. I was able to focus on documenting the small little joys each day and I cannot wait to keep developing this new skill. Xanthe is a fabulous and inspiring teacher who will encourage you along the way.

TERI – The Handmade Film Making course has reminded me just how much beauty we have around us…and we all know we need to see the beauty in life right now. And the amazing thing about this course is having a simple device, which we all carry around with us every day, to capture these moments of beauty and tell a story.

What I really love about this course is how Xanthe teaches you that anyone and everyone can make these types of films without any prior knowledge or experience and without the need for fancy equipment. Her tutorials and lessons go through everything step by step, with such clear instructions that even my kids have started learning too!

And the best part is being part of this inspiring, kind and creative community and getting to see everyone’s films. Xanthe offers so much encouragement and her level of commitment to supporting the group during the course is unbelievable, she comments on everyone’s videos and offers such great feedback and support, which is just sensational.

Even though I live halfway across the world from Xanthe I really feel like she has personally been with me on this journey as I delve into the world of Handmade Film Making. She has answered all my questions (and there were lots of them!) and opened up my eyes to a whole world of every day film making.

The past ten days have been just wonderful. Whilst the world is upside down and so many are experiencing such tough times, doing this course has filled me with such joy and a feeling of amazing accomplishment and I am absolutely thrilled that I took part.

THANK YOU! Joanne, Annabel and Teri for your kind words, xoxox

If you feel inspired to start making videos and documenting life right now, using your phone. The Handmade Film Making course will run again in May, so come and join in, if you can. (There’s also a self-paced session if you can’t wait till the 21st.)

The Handmade Film Making course starts May 21st. All the details are HERE.

All my films were shot on iPhone 11ProMax. Edited in VLLO, with the music from Epidemic Sound and filters from Filmm App.

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