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I’m often asked for suggestions of gift ideas for someone who’s into creating videos and Stop Motions?

So here’s a gift guide of what you can give to the video creator in your life. Or if you’re a video creator yourself, you might like to add some of these ideas to your own wish list!

(This post contains some affiliate links – this doesn’t change the price to you, but I might make a small commission if you purchase through it) 

Online Film Making courses – You can gift a place on one of my online courses. Probably the best gift of all!

My courses are full of inspiration and tips to get started and step by step instructions to create your own videos, plus loads of ideas and encouragement to continue shooting & editing video into films of your life.

Head over here for information about upcoming online courses and get in touch if you’d like to gift a course to someone.

Music subscription – Give the gift of unlimited hassle free music with a subscription to (Aff link) SOUNDSTRIPE or (Aff link) EPIDEMIC SOUND. I use both of these music libraries regularly for my videos. I love the ease of having plenty of tracks to choose from for my videos.

For more music options check out this blog post.

Headphones – For editing on the go and/or for a more immersive experience, I love editing with headphones on. I can really hone in my edits to the beats and flow of the music. I use the (Aff link) 2nd generation Airpods at the moment – I love them!

But if I could pick something new – top of my list would be the new (Aff link) AirPods 3rd generation or Bose noise cancelling headphones.

App voucher or Editing program subscription – A voucher is a great idea for a year subscription or in-app purchases to an editing app. My favourite editing apps are –

VLLO – iOS & Android.

Videoleap – iOS only.

Filmm – iOS & Android.

InShot – iOS & Android.

You can read more about each app in this post.

An annual subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud or even just Adobe Rush might be a great gift that carries on giving throughout the year.

If you’re wanting to up your Stop Motion game, upgrading to the paid version of (aff link) Stop Motion Studio for mobile or desktop is a great option. Or the best software is Dragonframe. It’s an investment but worth every penny, all the professionals use it and it makes shooting Stop Motion a breeze!.

Power charger – For topping up your phone charge when you’ve been shooting all day. Something small and powerful is a good idea.

Although, since moving to the newer iPhones, I’ve had no issues as the battery lasts all day, even with constant shooting and editing.

So maybe add the latest iPhone to your wish list (wink wink).

Gorilla pod or mini tripod – I love a gorilla pod as a way of holding my phone for certain shots. It’s the best tool I’ve found and I have in my bag most days.

It’s great because the three legs are totally adjustable and can be put in any position possible. With either the three legs straight on a surface or wrapped around something like a fence or tree, to get a difficult to reach angle.

There are lots of different types/brands available. I use Joby, which is on the slightly higher budget level, but there are other alternatives.

With most of these gorilla pods, you will need to get an attachment for your phone and the one you choose will depend on the size of your device.

This post shares what tripods I use and the stand for stop motions.

(Aff link) You can find more of my tripod recommendations in my Amazon shop.

For the Stop Motion enthusiast, here’s an idea –

Using vinyl backgrounds to shoot on, can give your stop motions a unique look and can help if you don’t have the real surface to hand, plus they’re easy to store as they roll up. For example, I love my white floorboards, marble and wooden table from Capture By Lucy, as I don’t have tables like these at home.

Picking a vinyl background could make a great present, or get a gift voucher.

Lights! – Another equipment idea could be a light for shooting video or stop motion. There are all sorts of models depending on your budget and storage in your home! The (aff link) Neewer ring lights offer great versatility when it comes to shooting. 

Accessories – Extra add ons could be a useful gift, like a (aff link) gimbal for steady shooting or a mic for better sound quality or clip on lens for your phone.

Some ideas of lights and accessories can be found in (aff link) my Amazon shop (I know Amazon isn’t ideal for some people, including myself! But it is easy to curate some equipment suggestions here, and you can always shop elsewhere.)

And lastly travel expenses – If your video creator loves exploring new places, you could contribute to travel costs or even organise a city break or an escape to the country for them. Or top up expenses for them to go on an adventure in 2022. I hope for plane tickets every year! they would be my wish come true!

Head over here for info about upcoming online courses and get in touch if you’d like to gift a course to someone.




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