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I’m always getting questions about my bike & its basket and how do I shoot video while riding it?. So I thought I’d share everything here.

The bike is a Birdie by Bobbin Bikes. It has three gears which is fine for me. It’s also not too heavy to manoeuvre. But the rides I do aren’t too strenuous, as it’s mostly flat around where I live.

The basket was gifted to me from The Basket Room, although I’ve had it a few years now and the colours have faded beautifully. They interviewed me for their blog a while back, so check that out.

The basket attachment is a standard fitting from Amazon that I jazzed up with coloured masking tape.

While writing this post I was reminiscing about my 100 day challenge… what a joy that was!

On to the another popular question…

How do I shoot while riding my bike?. People always ask if I use a go-pro attached to my head or some weird contraption that hangs over my head.

It’s none of those…

Most of my shots are handheld and I use my phone or compact camera most of the time, as it’s easy/light to hold. I can shoot while holding a DSLR, but it is trickier.

I’ve been practicing for years, so I’ve got quite good at riding one handed and only shoot when it’s safe. You can see more behind the scenes of me riding and shooting in the first part of the video below. I also share lots of other favourite shots, using just your phone.

Hope that helps! Let me know if there are any other questions about my bike and shooting video while riding it.

You can find more FAQs here.

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