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Thoughts of summer have been on my mind, especially as a few plans are beginning to come together.

One exciting adventure will be teaching at FRANCE with the Flo Show & friends. It’s a photography, filmmaking and styling retreat taking place in the wine making region of Burgundy. In a beautiful old house, which was the childhood home of Flore Vallery-Radot, the visionary behind this event.

It will be 5 days and 4 nights: from August 11th to 15th 2017 of Photography, Film making and styling workshops, alongside delicious meals, plus visits to local markets and towns.

I’ll be there with a group of amazing teachers –

Lean Timms-  Lean & Meadow  | @leanandmeadow

Meghan Faulkner – Oatgasm  | @meghan_faulk

Annabelle Hickson – The Dailys  |   @annabellehickson

It’s going to be pretty special… FRANCE with the Flo Show & friends.” is actually many retreats or workshops in one. We will not talk about 1 style, 1 method, 1 type of photography. It will be a very thorough and intense series of ateliers where you’ll be given a really solid and artistic base by incredible people, each one with very different views, techniques and styles. We chose to create small groups of 3 people so you can properly access your teacher, take a real part of each course and project. You won’t queue to take a photo… You will get to know these wonderful people who will be your teachers for these five days but also the other passionate attendants who could, who knows, collaborate with in the future.

For more details, the schedule and where to sign up – visit here FRANCE with the Flo Show & friends.

This is the house – isn’t it amazing?!




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