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Hasn’t time flown by? Thanks goodness for these weekend films to remind me of all that’s happened in the past year… and the three years before that!

For FOUR YEARS (!), I’ve been consistently documenting my weekend through my #MiniMondayMovies project – where I share a ‘Scenes From The Weekend’ film on Instagram, every Monday.

I had no idea when I started the project that it would continue for this long and that I’d keep up the challenge of doing every week. The first film I shared was a 15 second collection of snippets from a longer weekend film I’d shot. (This was before Instagram introduced up to 60 seconds of video.) I liked the idea of creating this mini story, it was quick to edit and I only needed a small amount of footage, but each film would be full of memories and reminders of what we’d done.

I continued to make a mini film every Monday and then one year passed… I acknowledged the milestone by re-creating the first film I made.

Completed the second year and then a third! I couldn’t believe it. Although the third year was harder, as there was shift from doing more family focused stuff, to some weekends where I’m working or on my own, as the boys were off doing their thing.

I thought about stopping and just creating a film occasionally, like when the weekend was full of fun things to shoot. But I kept going… showing up each week and here’s why…

These films bring me joy, they’re full of memories, everyday details and the ordinary adventures…. All the things I know I’ll enjoy watching back in years to come.

This project is just for me, my own personal project… no brief to follow, no client to think of… just capture what I see and do. It’s simple and doable. But also, keeps my creativity going and pushes me to try different techniques and ideas.

Does it get boring and repetitive? Yes, sometimes, especially if I’m just cleaning the house or working from my laptop while watching tv. But that’s part of the challenge… to push myself creatively, to see something new in what I’ve done numerous times. To notice the mundane situations and capture them in a unique way. Just focus on documenting my life as it is right now, even if it’s a quiet weekend.

Can I complete five years of these weekly films? I’m not sure… Maybe… let’s see. I know I’ll have fun trying.

A mini Q&A of frequently asked questions about this project.

What do I shoot on? I use a mix of cameras depending what I’m shooting, where I am and the type of footage I’m looking for. I use my Canon 5D4 when I’m looking for shallow depth of field, sun flare and capturing beautiful light and crisper footage. The Canon G7x & M5 for ‘’on the go’’ shooting, like on my bike, on the tube or out and about and iPhone for bits and bobs if I don’t have a camera on me or if I’m shooting vertically.

What do I edit on? I edit in Final Cut on my computer, but if it’s all iPhone footage, I will just edit on my phone using Videoleap

How long do I spend editing? It takes about an hour to pull the one minute film together… sometimes a little longer if I can’t decide what music to use. I either edit on Sunday evening or first thing on Monday morning. A handful of times this year, I edited a day or so late, especially over the summer when I was travelling.

Do I go and do things specifically to shoot for my film? No, everything I shoot actually happened. I don’t set up anything or do something specifically because I want to shoot it. As I mentioned above, I do have quiet weekends of cleaning and lazing on the sofa, but there’s always something to film, even if it’s making pancakes and hoovering. Besides, I’m one of the those people that likes to think I can laze in bed all day, but actually I like doing stuff and shooting it!

Where do I find the music for my films? I use Soundstripe and have done for the past 2/3 years. The subscription is perfect for this project. I know I’ll find something suitable every week.

If you’d like to start making your own films – check out my online courses where I share everything you need to get started and inspiration to take you through the whole process and find the love of making films!

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