FIVE FRIDAY :: 12.12.12 - xanthe berkeley
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FIVE FRIDAY :: 12.12.12

FIVE FRIDAY :: 12.12.12

Can I tell you about my latest project? Let me break it down into FIVE chunks as it is 5 on Friday…

* For the past two years I’ve been involved in One Day On Earth, a global project gathering footage from all across the world. I’ve had some of my footage included, but that wasn’t my main goal… the main goal was to be part of a community… and be motivated to go shoot something. As much as I recommend being part of this global project… Lately, I’ve been drawn to create a community, just a little smaller & more imitate… so I’ve been gathering people who took part in my Creating Time Capsules Course and inviting them to use the skills they learnt in my course, to create some magic on 12.12.12… but now I’d love to invite anyone else out there who’d like to jump on board…

* For me, making a Time Capsule is taking photos or video, or both and packaging it up into a film that can looked back on years to come. I make films, like these… but you could get involved on 12.12.12 in any way… take a few images, blog about it, make a GIF or make a slideshow. Record some audio. You could video a segment of your day (unedited) and share it, you could shoot something on your phone or camera, edit it with your heart and put it out for others to see… or the big one…video and photograph your whole (or part of your) day and make a time capsule film. What do you think??? Shall we hang out on 12.12.12 and record our day in the life?

* I’m inviting you to make your own Time Capsule. Make it your way. That’s the beauty of it. We all have our own tale to tell… Through video, photos, writing. Whatever! Let’s use this historic day of 12.12.12 to focus on being present. Really be present in the moment, recognising and acknowledging our everyday lives and deciding what we want to remember. The beauty is, you’ll then have this day in your life to look back on… I did it last year on 11.11.11 and so much has changed in a year! Who knows what you’ll be doing next year… where you’ll be… what’s the same and what will be different. What’s interesting is choosing what you’ll shoot and then what you’ll share… If you’ve been looking to do “a day in the life” project, this might be just the time to do!

* I’ve gathered a group of past students of Creating Time Capsules and anyone else who wants to do involved, over in a Facebook group. I’ve found through my teaching, that being part of a group makes us accountable… sometimes as creatives we need that. Fellow like-minded people looking out for each other, inspiring and encouraging along the way. Together this group will spur each other on to tell the story of their day, then package it up into a Time Capsule for others to see. Imagine how beautiful it will be to watch everyone’s stories unfold in the weeks following 12.12.12. Powerful stuff.

The details – You don’t have to have taken Creating Time Capsules to be part of this… all you need to do is commit to recording your day on 12.12.12, and if you’d like, you can join us at Facebook in our 12.12.12 group… click to join and I’ll add you… and that’s it.

Let me know what you think? Are you on board? I’m excited!

  • Laurie
    Posted at 02:53h, 11 December Reply

    I’ll give it a shot. I’m really not a great video person, but I’ll try words and pictures! And as soon as I’m back to good with money, which I hope happens before you stop offering it, 🙂 I’m dying to take Creating Time Capsules.

  • francesca
    Posted at 09:39h, 28 November Reply

    i’m in. if i remember! x

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