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During the recent IG Live Q&A over on @CreateVideosWithXanthe, I was asked to share my favourite filters/effects in the @filmmapp.

I love the Filmm app for adding filters, effects, frames, transitions to individual clips or completed videos. It’s so playful… you can layer as many filters/effects as you like and create something visually unique.

Plus, you’ll find adjustments like brightness/contrast/temp and tools like curves for more enhancements. It’s free to download with some filters, effects, frames, transitions & tools available initially and then you can purchase more packs or take out a monthly subscription to access all of the packs.

I’ve written more about the app here and back in 2019, I used it to enhance all of my clips during the 100 days of vertical videos project.

I have quite a specific style and aesthetic that I prefer… So my favs aren’t going to be for everyone, plus they’re not going to work on all footage. It really depends on the lighting and subject of the video. 

Let me share my favourite features at the moment –

Starting with FILTERS – I like filters that enhance the footage by brightening or giving a boost of colour or that have a “vintage film” look. Rather than ones that change the look of the colours too much, particularly when it comes to skin tones.

Classic/2 – Adore the muted vintage effect.

Classic/5 – Love how bright/colourful it is, but it can be a bit contrasty, so I have it at 50%.

Instant/4 – Pops the colour!

Moments/2 – Bright and slightly muted.

Play/5 – I love all the PLAY filters, of course but this is my fav.

16mm/1 – Muted vintage tones.

16mm/2 – Bright and colour boost.

8mm/1 – My fav black & white filter.

8mm/2 – Love this cross-processed look.

8mm/4 – Vintage vibes.

Dust/3 – Filmy look.

Oui/4 – Colour pop again!

EFFECTS are where you can get really playful and don’t forget you can change the position of them, using the arrows to flip them around. You’ll also notice by this HUGE list of favs… that I love light leaks, scratches and the prism effect a lot!

Classic/1 & 2 & 3 – I use these subtle light leaks a lot, plus there’s a vintage feel too.

Instant/2 – Gorgeous colourful prism effect.

Instant/3 – Faint side light leak.

Instant/4 – Rainbow prism fun.

Instant/5 – Subtle grain.

Moment/3 – Love the simple number countdown.

Mod/2 – Interesting grain.

Lens – I like all of the light leaks and prism effects.

Equinox/1 – Light leak and grain.

Play/2 – My fav number counter.

Play/3 – Full coverage light leak and a little grain afterwards.

Play/4 – Pen markers and other interesting effects.

Play/5 – Scratches and grain.

Star/ALL – Love all of theses.

16mm/ 3 & 4 & 5 – Gorgeous mix of scratches, grain & interesting effects.

8mm/2 – Light leak and film sprocket effect.

8mm/3 & 4 – Subtle border effect.

Dust/4 – Large scratches but still subtle.

Dream/ALL – Colourful rainbow light leaks.

Seaglass/4 – Colourful flare/bokeh vibes.

Velvet/1 – Light leak on the border.

Future/3 – Lots of scratches, dust and pink light leaks.

Future/4 – Side of frame light leak.

Flora/4 – Bright sunflare/light leak.

Winter – Super fun around the festive season.

FRAMES – Add a border/frame to your video, depending on the look you’re going for. These are my top ones.

Instant/1 – Thin black border, split screen.

Instant/3 – White “film” border.

Moments/1 – Pink 8mm border.

35mm/ALL – I like all of these frames.

Lens/ALL – Interesting multiple prism effect, works well with specific footage.

Play/ALL – I LOVE all of these frames.

8mm/1 – Super 8 vibes.

Hope that help you discover some of these features or inspires you to explore the @filmmapp. – Also, if you have any favourites, share them below!

You can find more FAQs here.

If you’d like more guidance to start making your own videos – check out my online courses where I share everything you need to get started and inspiration to take you through the whole process and find the love of making films!

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