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“I’d really like to take one of your online courses but unsure which is the best one for me? Can you tell me the difference between them and does some of the content overlap between the courses?

Thanks so much for your interest in my online courses. They’re a great way to get started with shooting and editing video. All my courses share tips for shooting and tutorials for editing and have different project suggestions. Some of the content does overlap because the basics for shooting are the same, whatever you’re shooting on and some of the editing tutorials might cross over, especially if you’re editing on a mobile device. The project ideas are unique to each course, other than I like to include a “Day In The Life” project in both Handmade Film Making & MAKE VIDEOS because I think it’s one of the best stories you can tell and our everyday life is so wonderful to look back on.

Each course has a different time frame because everyone learns differently and they’re suitable for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or you have more experience but you’re looking for extra inspiration and encouragement. Either course will give you a good grounding to create videos and some people take just one course and others take both and gain a lot from each one.

So it’s up to you!

Let me tell you about each course…

The Handmade Film Making course is focused on shooting and editing on just a phone and making daily films of your everyday life. The course is 10 days long. It’s a great one to start with, as you’re using a phone, which keeps the process simple and doable. The challenge to create daily means you practice and learn lots quickly and you can come away from the course with seven mini videos of your life at the time. There’s the opportunity to try out stop motion too, with a lesson for shooting on your phone and ideas of how to include stop motion in your daily films.

More info here – Handmade Film Making

MAKE VIDEOS – formally known as MAKE FILMS, which was created in 2016, and even though it was continually updated and has evolved over the years. I felt it needed a big change in 2021 because the online video content landscape has changed so much. And video is everywhere! Which is really exciting. The MAKE VIDEOS course follows a similar structure to the original course because I still love all of the projects so much. But it’s been updated and re-structured with more inspiration and ideas to fit with the types of video content that’s being created now.

There are shooting and editing lessons for phone and camera, plus editing on apps and desktop. It’s more project based with weekly films to make. So it’s better for people who prefer a slower pace to learn and want to use a camera and/or a phone. The projects concentrate on a different type of film each week, like shooting in slow motion and time lapse, creating fun stop motions and video portraits, plus how-to demonstrations and telling the story of your weekend.

More info here – MAKE VIDEOS

I always think the Handmade Film Making is a good one to start with because you can capture what you’re doing during the day and practice all the possible shots and get used to editing in an app and then people often take the MAKE VIDEOS afterwards, to go into the process more and develop their skills and storytelling.

If you just want to focus on just stop motion, then my course MAKE STOP MOTIONS is the best option. The course has four fun filled projects to work through, tips to get started, lots more inspiration and demonstrations, as I show my step by step process, using just a phone and the app – Stop Motion Studio. By the end of the course you will be equipped with knowledge and techniques to carry on making your own Stop Motion videos.

More info here – MAKE STOP MOTIONS

All the best with your decision!

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