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As a parent… Do you ever wonder what your children will become? A few of these questions were running through my mind, when I shared this image as part of this lovely collaboration.

I really do wonder… mainly because I’m so excited for them.

The world is so full of “stuff” we could never have even imagined as children ourselves. Yes, access to instant information is overwhelming and (a little) scary for their young minds and there are many forms of technology at their finger tips, most of which are totally instinctive to them. There’s something quite exciting about the opportunities they will have.

All paving the way for them to see the world differently.

The main reason I went to Paris this weekend, was to photograph behind the scenes for Irene Nam’s TEDx YOUTH event… which was called – The world. Differently.

Gathered at the event were speakers sharing their work… how they see the world… in the hope to encourage these young minds to explore different ways of seeing & creating. It was totally inspiring. The children watched musicians, a dancer, computer programmers and my friend Andrea shared how she sees the world through Polaroid. Who knows what will spark in the children that attended…

I know who we are as parents can have a major effect as to what our children are interested in and in turn, what they may become… our children watch and learn from us as we share our interests, hobbies and passions… A dad who loves swimming encouraging his sons to love water too. An avid reader igniting the book worm spirit in her daughter. The gymnast or ballerina reliving their experience through their offspring or even, a photographer sharing the joys of creating photos… You get the picture.

I see it in our boys… I get a kick out of seeing how they think and create. This summer we’re all taking part in my course COLLABORATE and I’m really looking forward to it. I get to share what I already know about shooting & making films and I am pretty positive they will teach me a thing or two, and maybe it will spark them to carry on creating and making films… I wonder what they could become by taking part? Plus I will have a wonderful collection of films from our summer together and this is the most special thing to me.

Hey, there’s still time to enter to win a place on COLLABORATE… details are here… or join us by signing up for COLLABORATE here.


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  • Kathleen Fordyce
    Posted at 14:52h, 04 June Reply

    I wonder all the time…and I am looking forward to seeing what you and your boys create, too.

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