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Before I announce the winners of the giveaway of two places on Creating Time Capsules…

I thought I’d share this message from Johanna, who won a place on my last course. Johanna made a wonderful film of her three boys chatting away about each other and the things they love… inspired by some of my interview films. Unfortunately, just as she’d nearly finished editing the film, her laptop was stolen. She was distressed at all the hard work being lost, but thankfully she had back-uped the footage, and with the support of the course community, she began editing the project from the beginning.

To all of us, the film turned out beautifully…

“I want to thank you again for the spot in your Time Capsule course! Each new bit of material was like an indulgent treat. The bite-sized movie tutorials were so good, and I really enjoyed the voice-overs of your time capsules. You also let us in on very clever tricks and secrets that make your time capsules so special. I was incredibly inspired and made some videos that I absolutely treasure.

My films mean so much to me that when our laptop was stolen during the course, I was more upset by the loss of my video-in-progress than the actual computer. 

I could see the magic shine through in my projects and also those of my classmates – a wonderful perk of the class is access to a Vimeo group for the participants, and it’s brimming with creativity and passion from people all over the world. Your course is inspiring, uplifting, and so much fun. Thank you, thank you, Xanthe!”


I’m SO excited to announce these random winners for a place on Creating Time Capsules… they shared their favourite part of the morning routine…

Michelle gd – Favorite part of our morning routine…gosh, i have a bunch. but probably i’d have to say the sofa snuggle i get with my daughter. the day just isn’t quite right without it…


Jillian In Italy – My favourite part of our morning routine is braiding my daughters’ hair. I know they won’t need (want?) me to do it for much longer (sniff sniff).

I hope you manage to capture these lovely details when you begin your projects… I’ll be in touch via email to get you all ready for next week.


Photos from the collaborative color // colour project with the fabulous Andrea – our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



  • michelle gd
    Posted at 16:56h, 26 January Reply

    so pleased and so grateful for this opportunity, xanthe…thank you!!!

  • Karen Gehrke
    Posted at 13:28h, 25 January Reply

    Congratulations to the winners!! What an incredible treat! Xanthe, you’re such an inspiration. I hope to one day find the time, and the courage, to make these kinds of films. Would be so awesome to do so when the day comes that I have grandchildren! Thank you for being so awesome!

  • Jeri_Taira
    Posted at 04:42h, 24 January Reply

    Oh I love reading Johanna’s story. That kind of support is just what makes community so welcoming. Congratulations to the winners. See you in class!

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