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I call these films “Memory Postcards” because I’m transported back to that moment with every clip. Just like sending a postcard to my brain.

You can create your own Memory Postcard film with footage you’ve already shot throughout the year and package it up into a highlights compilation.

Yes, it can be a time consuming film to create, (especially if you’ve shot lots of clips over the year,) but it’s one of the most rewarding… and there have been years I’ve not done it for various reasons, and I do regret it.

I made my first “End Of Year” Film back in 2011 and included a mix of photos and clips of video… (I can no longer show it, as I’ve had to remove it from Vimeo for music licence issues.)

Then I didn’t make one for a few years – one year I was moving house and the other years I was just overwhelmed by the possibility of creating it.

So in 2015, I decided to get into action and simplify the process, by using just one second clips in the edit.

So if you’ve got a year of video moments you’d like to watch back easily, here are a few tips to get started…

PREPARE – Take time to go through clips from your year… this is time consuming, but worth dedicating a block of time to search out everything you’d like to include to represent your year. Create a folder on your computer or phone, so it’s easy to bring them into your editing program.

Find memories and moments that make you FEEL something, so you will enjoy watching it back time and time again. Look for…

MUSIC – Find music that evokes the feeling of your year… was it slow and mellow? or fast and busy? Your music can reflect this and set the pace for your film.

PUT YOURSELF IN YOUR FILM – Even if you’re just shooting at arms length, “selfie” style is enough. Include it. Be part of the story.

THE EDIT – Once you’ve gathered all the footage, jump into editing…. grab a one second section, then another, and another… and keep going till you’re up to two minutes (ish). Think of the film as a collage. Don’t over think the sequence of clips… follow your instinct and let the clips flow however you like!

AND FINALLY… Have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The main aim is to use up footage that might be lost or unused and to give you something to look back on.

You’ll be so pleased you created it…

If you’d like to make 2019 the year you start making your own films – check out my online courses where I share everything you need to get started and inspiration to take you through the whole process and find the love of making films!


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  • andrea
    Posted at 02:50h, 14 February Reply

    this is such a great post, xanthe– so chock full of ideas! memory postcards– I love that. xo

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