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A “Memory Postcard” film is a compilation of one second clips to spark memories of that time.

I named this type of film “Memory Postcards” because each one second clip felt like a snapshot of that particular moment in time, almost like sending a postcard to my brain to tigger a memory.

Memory Postcard films are firm favourites of mine, they might not contain the best bits of footage, but they are packed with memories that might be forgotten. Using the left over clips, the selfies, the boomerangs, the random snippets I love but haven’t used in other films, plus a few fav clips because I can’t resist seeing them again. Lots of us, our faces, smiles, places, good times…

Often rough and ready, not slick and beautiful because it’s all about the FEELINGS. That’s why I started making Time Capsule films all those years ago… each clip, each film can transport me back to that moment, memory and feeling.


Your film could be little memories you’ve collected from your week, or month, over the summer time or from a whole year… or even during this lockdown period. You’ll be able to put all your clips into a movie to look back on in years to come. Watching it will instantly transport you back to those moments and the feelings will wash over you.

This is a great project to use archive footage you’ve already shot or you could set yourself a project like, a 30 day challenge to shoot clips everyday. Whatever you shoot, know that the edit will be easy, as you’re only looking to string together one second snippets.


JUST START – I say this to participants of my online courses all the time. You’re bound to have random video clips on your phone or camera. If you leave them there, you might look at them occasionally, but it’s unlikely. Better to compile them together into a film to be enjoyed in the future. Jump in and get creating. Here are some more tips to get started with video.

PREPARE – Take time to go through the clips you’ve got… this can be time consuming, but worth dedicating a block of time to search out everything you’d like to include to represent your chosen period of time. Create a folder on your computer or phone, so it’s easy to bring them into your editing program.

Look for a wide variety of shots and compositions, to make it visually interesting to watch. Remember to not just look for the “beautiful” pieces of footage… find memories and moments that make you FEEL something.

MUSIC – Once I’ve sorted through my footage, I like to chose the music before I start editing, so I’ve got a rhythm to edit to. My favourite places to find music are HERE.

Find music that evokes the feeling of your chosen period of time.… Could it be slow and mellow? Maybe sentimental? or would something fast with a strong beat work well. Your music can set the pace for your edit and the sentiment for your film, adding an extra layer of emotion.

THE EDIT – Once you’ve gathered all the footage, jump into editing…. grab a one second section, then another, and another… and keep going till you’ve included all your favourite clips. Think of the film as a collage.

My favourite apps for editing are HERE.

Don’t over think the sequence of clips… Sometimes I like to mix some shots up, like put a wide next to close up and then back to a wide. Or I like to edit a few similar clips together, like clips from my bike ride might work in harmony together. Or there might be theme or place we’ve visited that goes well together. Mostly, I like to put them in random order and just be guided by the music.

Follow your instinct and let the clips flow into each other.

CONSIDER INCLUDING AUDIO FROM YOUR CLIPS – The snippets of the sound captured in your video clips can add another layer of emotion. So think about leaving the volume up on some clips. Beware of background noises or the wind when outside, these can disturb the main source of audio.

DON’T FORGET TO PUT YOURSELF IN YOUR FILM – Even if you’ve just got shots from arms length “selfie” style, that’s enough. Include it. Be part of your story.

AND FINALLY… Have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be the perfect film with perfect footage. The main aim is to use clips that might be lost or left unused on your phone but here they are… ready to shine and evoke feelings and give you something to look back on.

You’ll be so pleased you created a “Memory Postcards” film.

You can find more FAQs here.

If you’d like more guidance to start making your own videos – check out my online courses where I share everything you need to get started and inspiration to take you through the whole process and find the love of making videos!


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