COMING SOON... MAKE FILMS : 12 - xanthe berkeley
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So excited to share this new online course with you…

I ran year long courses in 2015 & 2016, but took 2017 off to focus on other projects… but I’ve had a few people ask if I’d do a longer course again and my head has been buzzing with ideas of how to host it.

It’s going to self paced, but with a loose schedule to follow… All the projects will be available from the start, for you to “pick n mix” and decide which film you’ll create each month… there will be plenty of inspiration, project sparks and encouragement, with the flexibility to make films in your own way.

As the course will be based on project ideas & inspiration with reminders to make films regularly. It’s great for people already shooting their own films, or that have taken my previous courses, I won’t be covering the basics of shooting and editing – that content is available in my other courses.

The best thing about taking this course, is knowing by the end of the year, you could potentially have 12 amazing memory films, full of details and moments from your life in 2018. It’s a wonderful feeling… I promise you… You can see previous years for me have looked like this – 2016, 2015, 2014, & 2013. Each year is so precious to me!

I’ll be revealing more details later in the week, as registration will open on Dec 1st with the course opening Dec 18th… for those wanting to make a festive film or a 2017 compilation. We will officially begin on Jan 12th 2018.

If you’d like to be first to know when registration opens…. Sign up to my mailing list OVER HERE!


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