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A fun part of the color//colour lovers project was creating the little Instagram films based around each colour.

{Press play to watch the action}

Just gathering bit and bobs I found around the house, in the colour of the week.

Making simple stop motions and mini films of the objects moving and disappearing, makes me smile.

It’s quite simple to do, just requires a bit of patience…

And remembering to keep the cat out of the room!

I even explored the beauty of nature… with petals and leaves.

I’m certain to make more of these! I see blossoms, petals and so many flowers dancing… also… pebbles, feathers, ribbons – my head is buzzing with ideas!

And then I visited some of my favourite shops to play with their products and organise in colour.

Thank you to Pedlars and West Elm, London for letting me come and play in your stores.

Can I return sometime soon?

I so enjoyed the process of playing, experimenting and creating – I’m looking forward to making more… so watch this space.


Along with shooting video and making your own films… I share everything I know about making stop motions using photos and editing them together in iMovie in my online course Creating Time Capsules – It’s super simple once you know how!

There’s still time to register as the course starts on Friday 6th… All the details are HERE.


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