COLOR // COLOUR LOVERS - ROUND UP - xanthe berkeley
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The color // colour lovers project was a long time coming… Andrea & I first discussed it during our evenings in the hot tub at the Shuttersisters Oasis gathering at the Ace Hotel back in 2012… and then during our run around Paris in 2013… sounds so jet-setter-like doesn’t it?!… I kinda like it, even if name dropping places you’ve been, is just as bad as mentioning famous people you’ve hung with.

So a colour project together was on the cards… it was just a matter of when.

Winter loomed… could we start something in Dec 2013?… not really, with Christmas and various things going on. The new year seemed right, especially as Jan & Feb are notoriously grey, cold and dull. It was going to happen in 2014.

Titles for the project went back and forth via email… then it made sense to be –

Color – because Andrea is in the US.

Colour – because I’m in the UK.

SO color // colour lovers was born.

Instead of a week long colour project, where you photograph one colour each day… we wanted more. One colour per week… to explore it, wear it, play with it… generally seek it out and capture it however we desired.

It was 7 weeks of gloriousness… it beat the winter blues out into the atmosphere.

Completely fantastic to indulge in colour in so many ways.

Both Andrea & I shot in our own way and shared the result in what we’re naming “our happy place”. We didn’t want to be restricted to a timetable of image making or frame formats that can come from a diptych project – we just wanted to let our creativity flow, upload when we could, and work at a pace that suited what was going on in the rest of our lives – this was a side project after all.

Rather wonderfully there has been some magic and some shots that were taken totally separately, are totally linked – I love a little serendipity!

SO that’s why to mark the end of this round, I’ve made some diptychs. I think they’re rather lovely.

Different, yet complimenting to each other.

This is what’s brilliant about collaborations.

Thanks for taking this colourful ride with me Andrea – it’s been even better than I could’ve imagined.

Thank you to everyone that took part on Instagram… there are hundreds of happy making colours over there and it was truly a joy to scroll them daily.

We’ll continue with color // colour lovers at a slow pace for now, uploading to the “happy place” when it feels right – with a view to be back in the June for summer colour extravaganza!

All the diptychs are – Andrea on the left – Xanthe on the right (but you probably knew that!)



  • leonie
    Posted at 21:17h, 13 March Reply

    I love that you two color/colour junkies collaborated like this. It’s been so great following along with you both on your blogs and instagram. You both bring so much happiness to me when I look at your photos. And you two are living colour yourselves xx

  • Milina Opsenica
    Posted at 12:01h, 13 March Reply

    Love this! The only thing that disappoints me about this project was that I didn’t get on board sooner. I will be definitely be hanging around for the Summer version, where I will partly be visiting your beautiful city!

  • andreacj
    Posted at 18:48h, 12 March Reply

    ohhhhhh xanthe! oh I love! I LOVE! thank you so much for doing this with me… such a terrific treat. xoxo

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