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A Time Capsule film is a fun & captivating, memory evoking film, created by you! A little bundle of time… your unique moments, packaged up in a movie; using a mix of photos or video, for you to share and enjoy, forever.

Make this year, the time to start gathering memories to hold onto, by creating Time Capsule films of your stories, shot by you, and your family…

Usually our families are the focus of these types of films. How about, as well as starring in them, they shoot alongside you! Collaborating with you, together, sharing your collective ideas, creating films, and letting them tell their stories, in their own way.

Children, from a young age, grasp technology so quickly. They often instinctively know how to use cameras and editing programs. They play & experiment, creatively discovering and showing a new way of looking at things, a different, wonderful perspective on the world.

Loads of family fun and incredibly rewarding – getting your children and family members involved in creating, your family Time Capsule films, will lend direction & ideas of how to shoot, adding their unique vision to your memories, sharing the shooting on their own devices, and even tackling the editing together… They’ll also be able to create their own individual films alongside your collaborations.

This course gives you and your family plenty of simple project ideas, with tips & inspiration to make films together and gather memories for years to come. For 10 weeks, use your experiences & adventures, planned activities & shoots, as projects for your Time Capsule films.

Move to the next level by shooting and collaborating as a whole family, creating short fun Time Capsule films packed with memories, not only with what you create, but how they were created, together!


So… how does it all work? 

Over the course there will be the opportunity to make as many films projects as you can fit in. The films will be made by you, or as a collaboration with your children, spouses and family. Once you’ve got things going with members of the family, they can also work on their own individual projects.

You’ll be able to use any kind of still or video camera… I’ll be sharing examples of films made with a DSLR and on the iPhone & iPod…

You can set the pace that works best for you and your family. Choosing your project may of course depend on the time you have available and the weather (certainly the case here in the UK… fingers crossed for a glorious sunny summer), so you’ll have access to lots of project ideas from me, or can choose and create your own!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts… You will be part of the COLLABORATE community, sharing ideas, projects and inspiring each other along the way.


  • Video tutorials, sharing basic editing in iMovie & shooting tips will guide you through the course, with lots of information to get you and your family creating Time Capsules together from start to finish.
  • There will be guidance for shooting, with tips & examples of what you can shoot and how to approach certain aspects (some of this material will be from my other classes). There will be plenty of simple projects ideas to spark your creativity, and advice on how to get your children involved, through experimentation & play.
  • Your finished projects (and my family ones) will be shared in a Vimeo group, where participants can interact and ask questions in the forum area.
  • Regular emails of encouragement will support you along the way (details of these once the course begins)
  • The class will run for 10 weeks – Friday 7th June – Fri 16th Aug 2013 (Access to the course material will be available for a further 4 months after the finish date.)
  • Fee – £57 – For currency exchange rates please visit – xe.com


What will I need?

  • to set aside some time to shoot and edit for the projects. Your children can be as involved as you want, depending on their age and enthusiasm.
  • the ability to shoot photos and video. Any camera can be used, if you’re not that familiar with it, you’ll need time practice and play. I won’t be covering technical aspects of specific cameras. The shooting part of the course offers tips and guidance on how and what to shoot. Please feel free to use your favourite camera, whether it’s a DSLR, or hand-held video recorder or even an iPhone…or a combination.
  • a computer with an editing program. This isn’t a technical editing class. It will offer an introduction to editing, showing you the basics and sharing tips; enabling you to take the leap and discover more. I will be showing you how I work in iMovie (Mac). I won’t be sharing tutorials in Windows programs, but you are welcome to edit in it and there are plenty of other online tutorials to assist you. You can, of course, use another program, a lot of the advice and tips can be easily transferred.
  • access to the internet to view the course content. There will be a private group in Vimeo to share our films/projects and ask questions and share ideas. If the community requests it, I will create a Facebook group. I realise not everyone likes Facebook, but I’ve found it’s a valuable resource for the course communities to connect.
  • and lastly, but probably most importantly… a commitment to create, collaborate and capture your stories and adventures.


Some questions that might be going through your mind….

I only have an iPhone or mobile device; can I make films with this?

Absolutely! Simple films can be created with these devices. They’re great to play around with, and it’s often the camera we have with us most of the time.

I’ve never shot video on my DSLR, will there be technical advice for this?

I will be sharing how I shoot and the course will share tips of what to shoot; composition ideas and shot lists. There will be plenty of encouragement to play and experiment. This class won’t show the ins and outs of shooting with a DSLR… There are plenty of online tutorials to get you started.

My children & I have never edited a video before, will we be able to follow along?

Yes, I will share tutorials for working in iMovie. All this information should be enough for you all to get started. I won’t be working in Windows… again, there are plenty of online tutorials available to help you with this.

Could I do the course with my grandchildren, nieces and nephews and other family members?

Yes! that would be a wonderful idea. This course offers guidance and encouragement on how to engage, collaborate and create Time Capsules with your whole family.

Do I have to have children to take part in this course? 

No, you don’t have to have children to take part. The course is geared towards families shooting each other or together, but if you’d like to take part as an individual, and tell your individual stories… we welcome you with open arms.

My children are too young to get involved with the shooting & editing, can I still join the course?

Yes… we’d love to have you take part. As with my other courses, making films of your family moments while they’re young is pretty special. Come and join in.

How is this course different from your other classes – Creating Time Capsules & A JOURNEY?

The focus of this class is similar; to tell your family stories through photos and films. With the added encouragement to get the family creating alongside you. This is a follow on from those classes, and some of the materials and tutorials will be used again. Being part of this class, means you will be part of the community that gathers together… previous classes have shown me, this is a wonderful experience as there is so much inspiration to gain from each others projects.

I’m not sure I have enough time to create films?

Life is busy, with work and life commitments. I know this! But I know when I make pockets of time to do creative projects with my boys; the rewards are HUGE! A lot of these projects can be tackled during parts of your weekend, when you’re hanging out together. The amount of time you put into the course is up to you. The shooting element could enhance weekend activities, encouraging you all as a family to get out & about and do things together and capture a record of it.

If you have any further questions… pop me an email – xantheb@mac.com

Here’s an example of a film that my whole family collaborated on, while away on a recent trip… we all came up with ideas of what to do front of the lens and took turns shooting too… it really is so much fun to create and play together…