BLUE SKIES - xanthe berkeley
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Something rather wonderful happened during BLUE week…

There was a blue sky every. single. day… who would’ve thought this would happen when we started this colour// colour project 7 weeks ago?

It made the blossom even more beautiful. And made me smile everyday.

The blue skies even continued in Germany for the Lumia 1020 tour…

Making it most fabulous for photo taking…

And then yesterday… the gift of all gifts… the cherry on top of the cake.

A warm day of picnics on Hampstead Heath, sitting out on the blanket & lazing in hammocks we strung up in the trees… actually warm enough for bare feet and bare arms, even though the trees are still bare!

I take this as a wonderful sign that BLUE week supposed to happen this week and perhaps a sign of more good weather to come.


I’ll be back to round up this amazing colour // colour project with inspiring Andrea later in the week… can’t quite find the words yet…

But I must share this… I’ve loved the serendipity of certain images we’ve taken during this project. Take this one on the final day… yesterday a blue van spotted on the way to our picnic… and look Andrea found one too…




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