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Exciting day today!

First, the new e-course I mentioned earlier this week is open for registration TODAY…

Behind the Scenes is a creative guide to blogging your passion with myself & the wonderful Kim, all the details can be found here. The course is going to take place in a new space called Reflection Of You, which we’re planning to build into a space full of creativity and connection… truly wonderful.

Please pop on over and take a look, we’re super excited.

Secondly, I’m over at Shutter sisters today launching our month of colour… I do hope you’ll join in? A month of searching for colour… YES PLEASE!

I’m in… what about you?

 {photos from my colourful day in San Francisco with Leslie)

And then of course this weekend is full of celebrations of the Jubliee kind… we’re escaping all the pomp and ceremony to sit in a field in this beauty and hang out with friends, old & new. I’m sure there will be bunting, ’cause bunting always makes things happy.

Happy weekend to you all x.


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