BALANCE & RANDOM MOMENTS - xanthe berkeley
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Even though I love to document our moments and keep a record of life as it happens… I also know the value of switching off and being present… by putting my camera down.

I often read about other photographers going away and not taking their “work” cameras, as it doesn’t feel like a holiday… to be honest I don’t get that… I can’t do it… nor do I want too.

I don’t see shooting with my camera as “work”… even when I’m being paid for it. A camera has been pretty much with me since I was 15. Shooting is a part of me – it doesn’t switch it off… Frames of images are everywhere I look, I see moments & memories, compositions, I watch for movement in a frame, I see the light and the colour craving to be captured. That never goes away.


So, is it possible to find a balance?, between the need to switch off to rest and re-gather my creative spirit… just have time with my family… and satisfy this part of me that needs to shoot…

This summer I’ve managed to stumble on through and make it happen… It began with our time in Cornwall – we were away for 8 days… each day was different. Some days I didn’t pick up the camera at all… and other times I would shoot a little, or I would just capture on my iPhone… or for example, one evening the light was so gorgeous I didn’t put my camera down.

I just used my intuition as what was best for me in that moment…

It’s been good.

Finding that I can still create Time Capsule film in this mode is pretty cool… I just make a Random Happenings film… no story or thread needed… just little random moments to spark the memories… is enough.

There’s no right balance, no sure fire method to document your trip away and get a little creative rest… it’s about muddling on through, seeing how you feel and being happy with however it all turns out…

How do you manage a balance between shooting & resting while on holiday? I’d love to hear your thoughts….



  • CathienChris Calder
    Posted at 05:28h, 06 September Reply

    I absolutely love this video. And the shots. I understand the feeling. My husband encourages me to pick up my camera, but sometimes I can see the kids just want me to put the camera down. I cannot go away without it. The few times I have I regret it so much. I find a way to not feel so bad is to hand them the camera. They never say no. That way I am watching them and engaging with them and am not the baddie with the camera. 🙂

  • Karen Walrond
    Posted at 04:03h, 01 September Reply

    I just showed my Cornish husband this post and video, and you made him very, very happy.

    (And a little homesick.)

    Beautiful, as always, friend. As for me, it’s not a holiday if I don’t have my camera with me. There’s nothing I love better than shooting all day on holiday, and then winding the evening town with a glass of wine and Photoshop. It’s seriously my favourite way to spend my holidays.

  • Tahnee
    Posted at 14:30h, 30 August Reply

    wow, such beautiful memories to have captured, xanthe – truly beautiful. and I totally agree with you. I’m all for being present and leaving the camera sit idle on the kitchen bench when I don’t feel the pull to pick it up, but that is rare. I could have written those words myself and it would have fit perfectly.

  • Gitanjali
    Posted at 15:38h, 29 August Reply

    Beautifully captured Xanthe! I loved the film!

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