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The lovely people behind the exquisite Pedlars are hosting a new festival in Hawarden, North Wales –

The Good Life Experience – Remember the launch back in July – what a vibrant affair!

As we were heading to Wales this summer, the organisers invited us to check out all the delights that Harwarden has to offer… And oh boy, we were blown away.

First we headed to Hawarden farm shop… Packed with fresh produce either direct from the estate or locally sourced. A tour of the on-site butcher had the boys watching sausages being made and Luke being given the low down on all the cuts from a cow.

We sampled lunch from the deli counter – the boys proclaimed the hot dogs were the best sausages they’d ever had.

With full bellies and plenty of photos taken in the colourful store, we were shown around the site where the festival will be.

They’ll be a main music tent with music curated by Cerys Matthews, bush craft activities in the wood, axe throwing, archery, food by Bill Granger, yoga, beer tasting, spoon carving and so much more!

The estate was gorgeous… I can’t wait to see it in all it’s festival glory.

Next stop was Gladstone’s Library… where we were staying for the night. Beautiful bedrooms brimming with history, with a modern twist, as they were sprinkled with stylish furnishings.

We were shown around the magnificent library, which houses Gladstone’s collection of books, many of which contain notes and comments on the script & author by Gladstone himself.

As the sun was shining, we dragged ourselves from the library for a walk… caught glimpses of ruined castles, paddled in the river and tried not to disturb the sheep roaming the land.

As if we hadn’t been spoilt with so many delights already… it was time for dinner at the Glynne arms.

The food and the decor… one word = Scrumptious!

The decor details echo those found in the Pedlars store – an eclectic mix of vintage items, signage, bottles, art work – some incorporating portraits of Gladstone and references to the great outdoors, especially with the signature axe popping up everywhere.

And the food… was outstanding – I wish this was my local!

Cosmo was so inspired by the crest at the Glynne Arms, he set about creating our own family one, including a tree & tent for our love of camping, a camera, pack of cards… and maybe a skate board if his brother can persuade him! it’s still progress, but it’s looking rather brilliant.

Thanks to everyone at Pedlars for showing us such a marvellous time, can’t wait to get back to Hawarden for The Good Life Experience in a couple of weeks! There are still tickets available, come & hang out with us and enjoy the great outdoors!

I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty special, and the sun is certain to shine on us, right?!



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