A YEAR TO BUILD - xanthe berkeley
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I’ve been reflecting on 2013 this past month… spending a lot of time in my archives and inside my head re-living moments… evaluating various aspects of this year through the good times and the difficult times.

My one word for 2013 was BUILD and till recently, I was feeling like it hadn’t served me well. Then I mentioned this to a lovely friend and she just stared at me with disbelief “You’ve built a whole new life, so much has changed since this time last year”


It’s true.

I’d been so busy in the doing of it, that I hadn’t noticed all the building that happened… creating the foundations towards a better life for us all.

We were still settling into a new home just as 2013 began… which created opportunities for new schools… and lead to us having new adventures. I’ve embraced new attitudes, skills & opportunities… while building my business organically & building my passions towards the bigger dream.

We’ve adventured far away and near to home… giving us memories to have forever and ignited the passion to carry on travelling as much as we can.

I’ve guided hundreds of people through my Creating Time Capsules course and some additional e-courses expanding on the idea of combining photos & videos into stories of your life. (I was inspired to make one film a month for my family)

I’ve had the honour to photograph and film some wonderful people & families… & Captured colour through my lens to heal and excite me.

Watched all my boys expand into the great opportunities ahead… all the changes this year will hopefully give them the boost to keep making progress….

Throughout the year… many challenges & difficulties have been present… financially it’s been tough, with ups and downs a plenty… I’m ready to say goodbye to those parts of 2013… and continue to BUILD on the groundwork that’s been laid and looking forward to seeing what’s next around the corner…

This is my favourite photo from 2013… taken in a place that’s pretty special to me… a rare moment of loveliness between these two, during the most incredible experience we had this year. Very grateful.

Thank you 2013 for all you’ve given me… see you on the other side xo


  • Kim Klassen
    Posted at 16:04h, 02 January Reply

    and build you did… this post made me cry… happy tears for you…. beautiful…..

    gosh I love you dear friend….. xo, Kim

  • Lou | Littlegreenshed
    Posted at 10:45h, 31 December Reply

    Beautiful! I’ve been thinking about my word for 2014. I hope it will serve me well, just as yours did. Happy New Year Xanthe xx

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