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During my course Creating Time Capsules… someone asked this question and it got me thinking…

Do you consider yourself a photographer or a videographer first?

Neither is more important than the other to me – they offer something unique to each setting. I’m primarily a story teller, choosing the medium that’s going to translate the story that’s happening in front of me, in a way that tells it like I want to remember it. That’s my only goal. Not getting caught up in technical stuff and just shoot with an instinct that’s developed over years of doing it.

I’ve been shooting both mediums since I went to art collage… I would go out with my super 8 camera, my polaroid, a Lomo…(yep, this was way before there were any digital mediums.)

Even now, I see how other photographers travel around with multiple cameras – perhaps Polaroid, a film camera, DSLR and iPhone – capturing the same scene with each device… well, it’s the same for me – I often shoot both video & photos and then make the decision later during the editing process as to which works within the story I’d like to tell.

The thing is… most of the time I see in movement – I search for things to move within the frame… sometimes I capture it just that way using video and other times I freeze it by taking a photo but more often than not – I take multiple frames. Hence my GIF and stop motion addiction.

For people taking my class, especially if they’ve come from a photography background, it can feel overwhelming at the beginning,… as there is far more to consider when approaching video. Whenever we’re trying to develop a new skill, it’s going to challenge us. Suddenly you’re being asked to view your subjects in a different way and then transfer what you’re seeing into your camera.

I’m a big believer in just playing and experimenting, and there’s plenty of encouragement on my course to explore both mediums and see how they compliment your storytelling.

So to answer the question – I couldn’t prioritise or choose between shooting film and capturing photos… it would almost be like asking me to choose between my boys… both offer a different way of appreciating and recording moments and I love the fact I get to play and explore with both.

What about you?…  Photos? Video? or a little bit of both. Or if you have any other questions… ask away…


Taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month – posting photos daily for the month of November.

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