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Our house is on the market and nothing is happening…

So I’m writing a letter of what I really want to say when someone comes to visit.

Dear potential house buyer,

I hope when you walk into our home you will love it as much as we do. That you’ll see the potential, the beauty that lives in the history of these walls. That you won’t notice the cracks and the leaks and instead see a place for you and your loved ones to grow.

That instead of complaining about the busy road outside, you’ll see the delicious park opposite as a guide to the seasons changing and an extension of this home, as we often call the park our front garden, as all year round it brings delight and adventure.

That the sound of the buses passing by will eventually go unnoticed and the bus stop out front will be seen as a blessing on a rainy day, because you can shelter inside till it arrives.

That you’ll love the Victorian features and the fireplaces; the heart of home, I often stare into the flames and think of the families before us that must have done the same.

Our house is our home, I can’t actually believe we have to leave, but change is almost certain and this change is so needed for our family.

As I write this I have to take a pause…  the keys have blurred from my tears. I’ve grabbed a tissue so I can carry on, I have to let this pour out. The tears are not sadness, even though I feel sad to say goodbye. The tears are about change, about anticipation and the potential that is around the corner if this sale goes through.

You see if you buy our house, everything changes. Everything.

Our boys will go in a school I just know they will thrive. We will live in a neighbourhood where our family can grow and feel comfortable. The financial benefits could change our everyday life BIG time and most importantly we could start to make some of the big dreams happen.

Is it too much to ask? Some would say yes, and that selling houses is stressful and part of the course. That suffering is necessary. I’ve taken to trying a different journey and give into what will be, will be. This is so important, right?… But I’m finding it hard today. Struggling to keep the belief. The tears keep coming.

I hope potential house buyer you’re out there and you’re looking for the kinda home we were 5 years ago, and you’re ready to fall in love with what is so much more than bricks and mortar.

We’re ready for you too arrive, the vanilla candle’s burning and the coffee’s on the hob… I’ll even bake cupcakes if you’d like.

Welcome. Come in… this could be your new home…


  • Rebecca
    Posted at 13:53h, 26 June Reply

    It is such an emotional business, both buying and selling! It’s what puts me off doing anything, change is long overdue in this household too… Will you stay in London? I hope so as would love to arrange a photoshoot with you one day, having two sons of my own you seem to capture the spirit of boys so well!

  • marina sorr.
    Posted at 16:45h, 18 June Reply

    this is so beautiful, your words and images are. the home you’ve created here is so beautiful. I would be so happy to respond to this and knock on your door, if I lived in London! you’re going to find the perfect buyer for your house, I’m sure of this! lots and lots of wishes of peace and joy in this delicate time xo

  • pen
    Posted at 14:06h, 13 June Reply

    Instead of the boring old information packs and same old, same old, pictures you get at estate agents, THIS is what should be going out to potential sellers! The perfect buyer for your house is definitely out there, and hopefully they will see this (soon!) and recognise them themself xx

  • laura
    Posted at 13:25h, 13 June Reply

    When I first saw that you had a park (noticed in in some photographs) opposite your house, I thought, wow, what an amazing park to live so close to!! This was before I read that you were selling your house. Your period property is the sort of home I dream of owning some day. I hope you find your buyer. Were I living in London and looking for a house to buy, I would be asking more!
    Best of luck.

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