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The Fat Pigeon is one of those places that I might never have found out about, had I not stayed here while shooting in the area.

Travelling for work is very helpful in terms of visiting new places and exploring parts of the UK. Hopefully there will be more opportunities over the next five years, to assist with this 50 places project.

Wow. What a place. From the moment you drive down the tree lined driveway, you know it’s going to be special but I had no clue what a stunning and serene spot it would be.

Each morning I would get up early to walk the grounds and stare into the pond. Watching the swans glide around in the mist is a pretty calming way to start the day.

I didn’t get to explore much of the inside of the house, as we were gone most of the days. My room was in the attic, simple and beautiful with a deep bath, perfect for soaking at the end of the day.

The manager was so helpful and friendly, I heard about the weddings and parties that happen on the grounds and made a mental note that if I ever have the occasion to throw a big party in a Manor House, this is where I’m going to do it! And failing that, when we next visit Cornwall or Devon, I’m having a stopover at The Fat Pigeon for sure.


My long term project is “50 places before 50”.

I’d hoped to do to just “cities” but this feels too ambitious. So I’m going with the more achievable “places” as it could be anything… a city, a town, a restaurant, a country, hotel, a park, etc. Wherever or whatever – it’s about organising and/or making “50 experiences” happen regularly over the next 5 years.


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