30 DAYS ON MY BIKE - xanthe berkeley
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Totally loved this project!

30 days on my bike started in early March… I was feeling low about winter and not in a great head space. So even though it was cold and wet most days, I knew getting on my bike would be the best tonic of all.

So I set myself the challenge of riding for 30 days… In the end, I wasn’t able to do it in consecutive days because of the snow (Hello, The Beast From The East!) and work commitments… but I was pretty close. Also, the goal was to film each outing, challenging myself each day to shoot the experience in a different way and comment on something (mostly I chatted about the weather… what can I say, I’m British!)…

I loved getting outside regularly and watching the world bloom into spring… In fact on day 22, I made the decision to carry on for another 100 days as part of #the100dayproject.

Currently, I’m on day 21 of the new challenge… and loving it. It pushes me to get outside, to feel the wind on my face, to take bike trips I wouldn’t normally take – it’s been transformative in so many ways.

If you’d like to follow along… I’m sharing daily snippets at @adventureonmyyellowbike, and I’m sure there will be a round up film of sorts if/when I make it to 100 days!

But for now, I’m happy to celebrate this first challenge of 30 days on my bike and to have finished the film, it’s been quite a project as there was a fair amount of footage!… and even though this is a pretty long film for me, it could’ve been WAY longer… Thankfully got it finished in time for my April contribution to the Make Films :12 course, where the most wonderful community are creating their own stories through video every month.

I hope you enjoy watching it and it inspires you to get outside or maybe even tackle a 30 day (or 100 day) project yourself.


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