2019 :: LOOKING BACK :: STOP MOTION - xanthe berkeley
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I love creating stop motions.

2019 saw a variety of projects, created to promote all sorts of products. I love that I can work with a big established brand one day and then be shooting for a small upcoming company, where these assets can enhance both of their marketing campaigns.

I shot most of these by myself, in my home studio, often coming up with the ideas/briefs. Then sourcing props, and styling/art directing on my own. I find the shooting of stop motions, a mediative process, it’s quiet and slow paced. I put on a podcast or play music in the background and find my flow. It’s a balance to the other areas of my work, where I’m interacting with people and shooting on the fly.

This year, my stop motions became more simple. I’ve found a move towards ‘GIF style’ stop motions of just a few seconds of movement, rather than longer more complicated actions. This is good for me and the brand, as I can shoot multiple assets, to give them more options when sharing many social channels.

These are a few of my favourite projects from 2019… was tricky to narrow it down to just these!

Everything is pretty colourful, that’s my style and I like it.

Brands featured – Cath Kidston, Tilda Rice, Etsy UK, Iggy Candles, Penguin Books, Boden, Pretty City London, Sophie Robinson, Little Bird and Sunshine Jo.

Please contact me if you’d like some stop motions of your own!


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