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2017 :: WHAT A YEAR!

2017 :: WHAT A YEAR!

Hey 2017! Thank you.

This year has been a shining example of what I’ve been moving towards for years, building year on year to have the clients that trust me to do what I do, to work on interesting & fun creative projects, to teach & share my passions, alongside personal work that brings me joy and challenges me.

Not always easy to blow your own trumpet… to celebrate all you’ve achieved. But I feel it’s important to reflect and I push myself to look back at work created and adventures had, each year (2016 :: 2015 :: 2014 :: 2013 :: 2012 :: 2011) because I love being reminded of all that happened, plus it’s good to take stock and focus on all the joy, good times and hard work. Even if I don’t manage to blog enough during the year… I make up for it with my LOOKING BACK posts.

2017 has been a packed year… alongside everything below, I’ve been raising teenagers, supporting Luke and his business, trying to be a good friend & sister and look after myself… didn’t always get these right but I’m doing my best.

We all know it’s not all sunshine and colour everyday, right? Some days are hard, moods are low and it all feels very tiring… especially as pretty much all of my work is done on my own…. World events and the things that friends are going through, stop you in your tracks, you wonder what it’s actually all about.

But then you look for the good. The positive and you focus on that.

Without being to gushy, I’m super grateful for all that’s happened this year and can’t quite believe how much I did and created. It blows my mind.

I hope 2018 brings much of the same… with even more holidays!


A welcome to the New Year!

Attended the Women’s march in London… Photographed Stephanie Luxat for Boden

Took part in a fun Brush Lettering workshop with The Lovely Drawer…

Created a series of stop motions of vinyl collections for Warner Music…


Bringing the colour back, as we’ve done for the past few years with color//colour lovers project.

Taught the team over at Ikea UK all about creating their own films… and shot this fun film in the store as a demo… which they then used as a advert across various channels. I gave Cosmo most of the fee as he was the star! he purchased a new bike.

Worked with Mollie Makes and Crafternoon to promote Red Nose Day… and then photographed a series of portraits of fundraisers for various campaigns.

Shot video content for Cath Kidston & Disney for the Dalmatians collaboration…. the puppies were adorable. This campaign was then used again on billboards across London in May, including massive screens in train stations and inside the tube – that blew my mind!

Had a wonderful bike ride with Cosmo…


Worked with Etsy UK to promote Mothers Day and gave away all the products used in the films.

Spent a week in Southwold with Cath Kidston shooting content for AW17… and followed the Boden Bloom bus to Bristol via a lovely lunch in London.

Taught a mini stop motion workshop with the ladies of Betty Magazine…

Photographed Fern Cotton and her mum for Mothers day with Cath Kidston.

Gave a talk at the Photography Show about the video content I create… I didn’t enjoy the experience and won’t be public speaking again… very happy to do workshops or panels, but standing up in front of people with a presentation isn’t for me.

Celebrated our birthdays… visited the Etsy UK offices for a special dinner… and chatted to Elizabeth.


Started a personal project of a 100 days of Joy… but didn’t complete it because I began another project in May, inspired by chatting to Sara Tasker on her podcast.

Loved creating these stop motions for The White Company…

and another Easter related fun!

Taught a workshop to the team at Small Luxury Hotels all about shooting video, creating films and Instagram Stories… we used the Ampersand Hotel to practice shooting.

Then finished the month off with a week of mini Day In The Life films…. Including a day at the Boden press event and Luke’s exhibition.


Launched the #hurrayforplay project with Sara and had four weeks of fun and playtime! Creating for just the joy of it.

Taught a stop motion workshop at Creating For Good… a brilliant inspiring event, full of workshops with all the profits going to good causes.

We had some cool props from West Elm to play with.

Took part in a workshop with Pretty City London and Wild at Heart – it was peonies fest! and Jules and I wore the same dress!

Shared one of my favourite fun stop motions!

Enjoyed half term in Pembrokeshire with friends in gorgeous Wales!


Covent Garden was in bloom in June and Pretty City London showed us around…

Ikea UK invited me to attend their press launch Democratic Design Days over in Sweden… to create photo and video content.

We stayed at the Ikea Hotel which is just as you would imagine… and the day was super inspiring!

And finally, Ikea has a museum!! Visiting was a highlight of the trip… it’s full of Ikea products from over the years.

Then straight into Blogtacular…. first the Video Walk, where we walk around and shoot fun clips of video – it’s an uplifting experience!

The next day, I taught a workshop sharing how to shoot video on your mobile phone… so great to see everyone creating such wonderful work!

There was a heatwave… which meant swimming in the Women’s Pond.

And attending the Canon meet up on the hottest evening of the year!


Created more vinyl collection stop motions for Warner Music… and took the train to a colourful summer event with Weekend:In.

Worked with Twinings tea again creating a series of films about making and drinking tea… (dream job for someone who loves tea!)

Attended the Etsy UK Christmas event and the launch of Instagram’s Kind Comments campaign on another super hot day!

Documented another week in the life through daily films.

Celebrated our anniversary by feasting and riding a moped around London

and making the most of the sunshine… and the mini heatwaves…


The first week was packed with completing work projects before heading to France to teach at The Flo Show’s workshop… what an experience!

I hope it happens again in 2018!

Then a holiday!! a real holiday! WHOOP!… a luxurious time at Villa Mangicane through my friends at Small Luxury Hotels.

and then away with friends in a villa in Tuscany…


Saw the launch of a project I created in August for Cath Kidston… such a dream campaign for me, full of colour and fun props…. 12 bags, 12 colours, 12 set ups. I created each film for use on various social media platforms, with Pinterest being the main one, as part of new feature they had introduced, using QR codes in store, linking to boards of each colour.

Worked with Cath Kidston again on their SS18 campaign, shooting in a location house and out & about at Brockwell Lido, Victoria Park and Broadway Market. Created lots of content and played with watermelons and Margo the dog!

Created some stop motions for Twinings Tea and their new range of flavoured green teas.

Another fun campaign launched! Paintbox Yarns asked me to bring their colourful new product to life… loved working on this!

Photographed a few families including one who I see every year… Collaborated with Hello Sunshine… Jo designed some pins for me and I made her wonderful vans move.

Then I flew down to Cornwall to shoot for Mini Boden… we had one glorious day and one full of rain. This campaign will be released in 2018… can’t wait to see it.

Each morning I was there… I got up early to walk on the beach – what a gift that was!


Still obsessed with autumn leaves!

A few fun stop motions for The White Company… and chatted to the Family Photographer.

Then I had some time to take it easy… the year had started to catch up with me.

Looked after myself, caught up on admin… and organised my studio space.

I focused on personal projects by challenging myself to shoot my weekend films in different ways… then took a mini holiday to Bilbao.


Kicked off the month at the SS18 press day for Cath Kidston… creating Instagram Stories content for them – Plus my own story.

Dealing with teenagers got on top of me and then Ky turned 16 which left me feeling very nostalgic.

Worked with Etsy UK on their Etsy Made Local campaign.

Had a lovely play day with Kat, flower arranging with Achillea and another great event with Weekend:In here in London… and chatted to Soundstripe.

Plus, teaching a workshop for Conde Nast European digital editors and then popping over to see Boden’s first real life shop!!

Made a Day In The Life film on 11.11 – 6 years after the first one… I told you I was feeling nostalgic! And launched my new course – Make Films : 12


Started the season with a sparkle… and a collection of fun festive content for Cath Kidston.

Started searching for a planner… and was treated to a personalised shopping experience in Selfridges.

Attended a Christmas party full of festive cheer with Canon… it snowed!… got my nails done at Shoreditch Nails.

Then went to Paris with my sister…

Created my own festive fun! – Holly, Baubles, Treats & Merry

What an incredible year… Wow. Hugely grateful and humbled by the wonderful jobs I’ve done, adventures I’ve had and people I’ve worked with… Including all the people that have taken my online courses.

Huge thanks to all.

Roll on 2018… show me some more goodness.

  • Pip Wilcox
    Posted at 01:47h, 02 January Reply

    Yay! What a joy to read about your year. So much to celebrate and be proud of – and thank you also for being open about the ickier bits. Your presence online is a delight. Wishing you the brightest of years ahead. Pip xx

  • justine gordon
    Posted at 23:52h, 01 January Reply

    I do love seeing all your work, I agree, such an inspiration. Are you still using your 35mm lens on your canon 5D or do you have other lenses, would love your advice if you have bought another lens for it. Thanks so much Justine

    • xanthe
      Posted at 18:14h, 03 January Reply

      Hi Justine,

      Lovely to hear from you. Yes, I still use the 35mm most of the time. If I was to buy another lens, it would be the 24-70mm but I haven’t felt a need for it yet.

      All the best xxx

  • Francesca Russell
    Posted at 14:33h, 01 January Reply

    You are such an inspiration, Xanthe! Here’s to an even more exciting 2018! xoxox

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