xanthe berkeley | 2015 – WHAT A YEAR!
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2015 – WHAT A YEAR!

2015 – WHAT A YEAR!

I said “What a year” in 2014… as it was pretty brilliant in so many ways.

2015 deserves a “What a year!” too, even though it’s been a mixed bag… sometimes good and then not easy, often overwhelming and then surprisingly amazing. It’s hasn’t all been smooth sailing and positive times this year, but in my creative life and my business, things have been pretty great (if a little full on at times) and more often than not, I get to create every day and produce work that means so much to me.

My work and life are evolving together, with projects intertwining… All the work I’ve been doing over the past few years seems to be turning into the bigger things I’ve been dreaming of…. I’m very grateful.

There are so many favourite moments worth acknowledging… it’s blown my mind putting this post together. Thankfully making me forget the tricky times… and feel really proud of all I’ve done. Not to blow my own trumpet, but to take note of what I’ve made happen through hard work and sheer joy of what I love to do.

Thank you 2015. Here’s what happened…

JANUARY – The year began with a film from Christmas and the start of A Year of Creating Time Capsules.

Kicked off color//colour lovers… my favourite project to launch the year in a celebration of all things colourful!

RED :: YELLOW :: PINK :: GREEN :: ORANGE :: BLUE + some colourful collections.

Still adoring the slow mo stride by.

FEBRUARY… we had a little staycation in London.

A little ordinary weekend... (started creating Mini Time Capsules) and took the boys skiing for the first time… where I found this hut.

Also, I photographed a flower workshop with 5ftinf… (I didn’t know at the time that there would be more events with flowers throughout the year!)

Love a bike ride.

MARCH looked like this.

Waiting for spring. An instameet. Luke opened his online shop. My birthday weekend. A Time Capsule film.

APRIL – First camp of the year… Easter excursionsand eggs. Worked on some wonderful films full of flowers.

Had a fancy brunch. Made daffodils dance. Shared my favourite London markets on the West Elm blog.

Pinterest named me an influential pinner!

Hosted an online workshop at The Bloom Forum.

MAY – Launched the Mini Time Capsules course and spent a week creating daily Day In The Life mini films.

This happened. Went to Brighton for the day. Another camping trip. Attended another flower workshop.

JUNE – Kicked off at the Sisterhood Camp with a wonderful group of ladies... and more flower play.

Photowalks at Blogtacular with West Elm and Mollie Makes Handmade awards.

Sunset basketball & skate sessions... and a lazy day.

JULY – Took some photos for Pedlars. Anniversary brunch. Started a photo printing challenge.

The last day of school and good bye to bike ride school runs. More camping and a mini festival… Before Somersault Festival.

Many reasons to be joyful. 

AUGUSTAdventures in Cornwall. Surfin’Camping… Lying on hill tops...

Launched Instaguide with Kim. Enjoyed Sketchbook club. Visited the Globemakers on the hottest day ever!. Excited to be featured in Click Magazine.

Soaked up the summer holidays and then a final trip to Wales.

Created the first #slowmoteatime

Basked in scenes from our summer.

SEPTEMBER… a packed month of…

Back to school & new routines. A week of Day In The Life films. A photowalk with West Elm.

Another great time at The Good Life Experience.

Then straight to Canada to be with my dear friend Kim. We hosted the Finding Stillness workshop and then hung out and created magic in her beautiful studio. I HAVE to go back in 2016… please…


A shoot for Boden at the Sipsmith Distillery. Another photowalk.

Shared some recent family portrait sessions.

A few pics… Love Autumn. And Halloween.

Featured in the John Lewis Annual. Spent the weekend sharing photos for My Plumo Weekend.

NOVEMBER – Launched A Year of Creating Time Capsules for 2016 and a brand new course MAKE FILMS… starting in January.

Last photowalk of the year – more to come next year.

A whole month of blogging!! Crazy but good. Started a new blogpost series – Colourful places in London.

The wonderful candlelit Sisterhood Camp supper with more flower workshops!

The Canon Meetup at Millennium Mills gave me the chance to shoot smoke bombs.

DECEMBER – Spent the morning looking around the new Kikki store here in London. Oh… another flower workshop (5 in total this year!)

A Christmasy blogpost for Boden. My Time Capsule films and Mini Monday Movies throughout the year.

Much needed quiet Christmas

and now here I am on the last day of 2015. Thanks for a great year…. Thanks for my wonderful boys.

Excited to see what 2016 will bring.

Happy New Year! Thanks for passing by, xo.


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