12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - xanthe berkeley
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Christmas & New Year flew by in a flash of gatherings & celebrations, blustery walks & lazing on the sofa, tensions & elations, card games & dancing, ice & sunshine…

My camera was with me to document some of these festive moments (although most of this film doesn’t look very festive!) – I had really wanted to rest after a busy year, but I like capturing what we’re doing, it’s part of how I see the world, so I can’t just turn off. The biggest struggle is my dislike of indoor lighting, so most of my film is our outdoors activities and the bits with the crummy lighting are special things I want to remember – in 5 years, I won’t care about that.

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Film and photos shot on Canon EOS 5DmIII with additional slow mo footage shot in iPhone 5s


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