11.11.17 - xanthe berkeley
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This is my story of Saturday 11th November 2017…

Why the 11th Nov? Well, it’s a special date for me, as 11.11.11 is the first DITL I ever made to share online. It’s the film that sparked a lot of my work now and prompted me to start teaching my Creating Time Capsules course online.

I owe that film A LOT!.

But mostly, my 11.11.11 film is packed with memories… precious fleeting moments. Some that I would’ve forgotten had they not been preserved here.

I love it. (Also check out During the day & evening.)

I probably wouldn’t have filmed a Day In The Life this weekend, as there wasn’t much going on (would there be enough to shoot?!) especially as I’ve been creating Scenes From The Weekend films for a while now, but the 11.11. anniversary keep reminding me.

A lot has changed in six years… especially a different house and older boys. Routines are similar, yet not the same. Lately, I’ve been feeling the passing of time so much, I guess it’s life with teenagers and the recent birthday.

So I would push myself to make the film, whatever my excuses not to do it. I even wrote a blog post inviting others to join in…

For this 2017 version, I would challenge myself to try and keep the vibe the same as the original film – use photos intermixed with video, include a little audio where possible, shoot at a shallow depth of field and concentrate on the details. But also knowing I wouldn’t be able to shoot some of the same things, like getting the boys to talk to camera.

It’s not my best film, I wish the light had been better, it was dark and we were inside most of the time – Why don’t I shoot these DITLs in the summer?! I wish there were more interesting things going on. But hey, this is it… this is what happened. This is life now. And I’ve got a record of it. I may not love parts of the film now, but I know I will, in years to come.

And that’s the whole point of creating Time Capsule films.

If you made a DITL this weekend, I’d love to see it – do share a link in the comments… and if you’ve never made one before, I totally recommend shooting your own film, I’ve put together some tips to get started over here.

  • Lottie Stevenson
    Posted at 20:15h, 13 November Reply

    Xanthe, I love this SO much! You are right, this is life right now! The video from six years ago, with the boys and the kittens (!) is just so precious. I love how you’ve mirrored some of the same shots in the new version. While the parties, outings, and holidays are fun to record, it is those quite moments and daily routines that really knit our lives together. You capture it so beautifully. Please keep on inspiring us!! xxx

    • xanthe
      Posted at 10:42h, 14 November Reply

      Thanks Lottie for your kind words and appreciation of this project – it’s good to celebrate the ordinary.

      I’m so grateful to have these moments preserved.

      It was a challenge and fun to shoot some of the shots in a similar way. Life is always changing, but there’s a constant in so much of what we do.

      Thanks for stopping by xxx

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