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I did it! and what a joy it was… riding my bike for 100 days!

Following on from “30 days on my bike” I extended the project to join in with the global #the100dayproject, where people all over the world pick something to do for 100 days in row.

Having a daily bike ride was my challenge… it was the commitment to doing it everyday, no matter what, that I’d loved so much in March… because being on my bike is the best tonic of all and never fails to make my happy.

So I committed to making it happen for 100 days!

My rules were simple –

A bike ride for at least 10 mins (although most of my rides were 40 mins), even if it was going around the block. And whatever the weather!

To document it in some way – a photo or video clip – which included the bike in the frame. Part of the creative challenge was to find different ways or places to shoot each day… each day had to be unique in some way.

Plus, say a few words to camera about the ride that day… Mostly it was a weather report – I am British after all!.

To post the clip or photo on my AdventuresOnMyYellowBike Instagram account. It must be from that ride, not using pics from other days. It’s tempting to do this, but I felt it was cheating.

I’d planned to ride my yellow Bobbin Birdie bike most of the time, but also use other bikes if the opportunity arose, like the Santander bikes in London.

Try to do it in consecutive days – This wasn’t possible in the end, as I was travelling for work, and missed a day with a tummy bug and one with a migraine. But other than that, it was every day!

What did I learn? As I say in the film… my bike makes me happy. Whatever is going on in my life that day, the ride gives me a chance to let go of stuff, appreciate things and be outside, which is so important for someone who could quite literally work indoors all day.

I loved every day of this challenge!… and I so enjoyed putting the film together, by gathering all the daily clips into something that I feel really represents the spirit of the project.

Of course I’ll continue to ride often, I won’t be as strict as I’ve been, but I’ve learnt the importance of pushing myself to get out there, even when I can think of excuses not to go, so I’ll still be on my beloved bike as much as I can.

All the photos were shot on iPhone 8 and all video clips were shot on the Canon G7x.


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