100 DAYS OF VERTICAL VIDEO - xanthe berkeley
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The 100 Day Project 2019.! I did it.

The challenge of doing something creative, consistently for 100 days.

My theme for this year was shooting video in vertical format, as a sort of visual diary of moments from that day.… more details about here.

It was a chance to play, experiment and find a moment of joy or something fun/colourful and to shoot it in vertical, to explore and just play with this framing. I shared each clip on Instagram Stories, so I didn’t have to think about captions or engagement. It was only about the doing/creating and showing up every day.

Some days I would shoot multiple clips… and others days were harder, when all I could manage was a time-lapse of the sun setting, as I cleaned my teeth. But it was about shooting everyday, no matter what and doing something to contribute to the project.

I’d planned to make my compilation of the 100 days in a vertical format, I even started with a voiceover because I liked last years film so much. But when I started seeing all the clips together (around 160 clips), so many of them were of similar themes, subjects, colours and compositions. It turns out I like filming the same things… over and over. I could see clearly how certain clips would work in threes and go together – I hadn’t planned to do this, in fact some clips from early in the project, I’d forgotten about!

This is my 100 day project…

Turns out I like flowers a lot… spinning in dresses, going to Ikea, BBQs and bike riding… (of course!) plus loads more colourful and joyful things.

It’s been fun and just the tonic I needed… as it’s actually been quite a challenging 100 days for all sorts of personal reasons. So this project of noticing something beautiful from each day and documenting it in video, has given me a much needed creative focus and a daily reminder that there is beauty to be found, if you really look for it. I’m so grateful for that…

I plan to keep exploring this vertical video format and playful approach to creating.

Who knows if I’ll do #the100dayproject next year! Let’s wait and see….

If you’re inspired to shoot and edit your own video…. Come and join the next session of Handmade Film Making starting on July 18th – Registration is open now…

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