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This is a film of various moments taken during March… I call them Memory Postcards – a collection of one second clips strung together like mini reminders of that time, almost like sending a postcard back to yourself.

Each clip transports me back to that moment, a little trigger of goodness and that’s why I love making these films and why they’re so important to me. I call them Time Capsules as they preserve these moments so beautifully for me… especially as these clips might have just sat on my phone or hard drive, un-used and maybe even deleted to make space.

They might not be the most aesthetically pleasing clips, especially as lots of the ones in this film are just shot on my iPhone, but they are full of details of my family and how our life is at this moment.

What’s even better than a current film? Looking back at this time last year…


or TWO years ago…

or THREE years ago…

and even FOUR years ago…

Seeing what it was like, what were we doing and how things are different but also the same.

That’s a gift and why I love them. And it’s what pushes me to keep creating Time Capsule films.


If this has inspired you to start making your own Time Capsule films – Let me share everything I know about shooting & editing these type of films in my online course Creating Time Capsules – You will fall in love with the films you make!

There’s still time to register as the course starts 14th April… All the details are HERE.


Written by xanthe

April 12th, 2017 at 6:08 pm