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I took this photo during the move, it was of the same mirror from these photos… I was mostly drawn to the light coming in as the movers lugged the boxes out of the house.

I hadn’t noticed the other story in this photo, until a couple of friends on instagram commented about the open door… Oh my goodness, how apt was that! here we are closing the door on this chapter, and out through the open door to a new adventure. I love that.


Wow, thanks so much for your kind words and messages of support for our moving day and my little Time Capsule… You guys are the best! I’m happy to announce the winner picked at random, for a spot on Creating Time Capsules is… Leigh Love - I’ll be in touch later today with all the details you need.

One week to go till 12.12.12… There is quite a wonderful group growing over on Facebook, to take on this project and tell the story of their day in the life… I know not everyone likes Facebook, but I found it can be a great place for people to gather… I’ve been sharing various bits of inspiration over there and we’re counting down the days… “We’re all in this together” – Why don’t you jump on board?



Written by xanthe

December 5th, 2012 at 5:06 pm

  • http://www.jillruth.com Jill

    That is indeed a prophetic photo, perfect. Congratulations to the winner of the class too.