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So late last night I shared the iphone version of this image on instagram with this -

“Sometimes you see something… like your eldest smiling out of the back window, and it overwhelms you with emotion, so you take a photo to remind you of the now… how far you’ve come and how soon it will all change. This was one such moment”

This is our home… this is our Ky. Both are changing, in transition. Soon we hope to leave this home full of memories (when we find a buyer, of course) and blimey this boy is growing too fast.

It was one of those mama moments… and then lovely Bee in NYC made reference to this song, and of course my eyes filled up. We are on the verge of a big “turn” in so many ways…

Written by xanthe

May 30th, 2012 at 12:26 pm

  • Pam

    That you so eloquently capture the flight of time in your images (moving and still) and words, well, delightful. Utterly. Always.

  • http://delhibound.com naomi

    gorgeous. we too are on the verge of a huge turn, so this is very appropriate.

  • http://mrseliotbooks.blogspot.com francesca

    stop it. i’m tearful now. why do they have to grow up so fast? xxx