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It’s good to have dreams… things you’d like to do or make happen. I use to think that you shouldn’t declare it, coz otherwise you jinx it and disappointment creeps in… Oh and don’t ask for stuff – just wait till you’re offered it.

What nonsense! If you’d like to make something happen, you have to go after it – declare it – focus on it and then take steps towards it.

Travel & adventuring has always been a huge love for my family… the boys thrive outdoors seeing new stuff, Luke is amazing with languages and meeting new people… and the ability to view new locations through my lens is a gift… a life long passion.

Over the past few years we had some amazing opportunities to see the worldfar flung places and discoveries closer to home – all of them have enriched us so much… we made them happen, through hard work, putting ourselves out there and sprinkles of home made good fortune.

So when the lovely Zoe at Pinterest asked me to create a board with my 2015 travel resolutions… I thought what better way to manifest some travel dreams for this year…

Follow Xanthe’s board ADVENTURE INSPIRATIONS FOR 2015 on Pinterest.

For the first time in a few years our calendar is empty… ready & waiting to be filled – where will we go next?!



Written by xanthe

January 9th, 2015 at 12:49 pm

  • Milina Opsenica

    I’m looking forward to seeing where your 2015 adventures take you. Johnny and I met while we were travelling (both in London at the time) and travelling has made up a big part of who we are together. That was put on hold while we had children, but travelling last year made us realise just how doable it is now they are that little bit older. We can’t wait to do it more. This year we are travelling to Bali for the first time. We can’t wait! xx

  • fionabailey

    Great idea, I’m constantly taking pictures and making plans so need to get on with my Pinterest inspiration board. Here’s to an exciting 2015!

  • Jeri_Taira

    So wonderful Xanthe. I used to feel the same about declaration and jinxing. So glad I wasn’t alone in that. So much more joyful to talk about our dreams with ones who encourage us in it.