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One of the surprises during my recent trip was the train journey between Rhode Island & New York. I had planned to use this time to work at my laptop, but was mesmerised by the stories being told through the window as the beautiful scenery passed by.

The city of New York… the countryside of Connecticut… the beaches… the grass marshes… the towns… the stations… the cute houses. It was all so pretty and so different from any train journey I’ve ever taken before.

As the train rattles around so much, I just grabbed my iPhone and shot some footage on the way to Providence, Rhode Island (see above) and on the way back to New York (see below).

I love the light, colours, textures & lines and the way the ‘passing by’ movement creates such beautiful shapes.

It’s hypnotising. So relaxing.

I honestly could’ve made a 20 minute film, but that’s not ideal, so these are my favourite snippets condensed into a couple of One Minute Memories. So I can transport myself back to those journeys anytime.

These are really quick films to make… shot on the iPhone and edited simply.

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Written by xanthe

October 7th, 2014 at 3:45 pm

  • http://www.moonpr.com/ Nancy Moon

    You know I’m so disappointed that I didn’t see you (and your class) while you were here. You practically went by my house because I’m on the beach road in Connecticut. How cool is that. Glad you loved it. See you another time, Nancy.

  • http://justmekirsty.com/ Just me Kirsty

    I love the simplicity of the natural framing that occurred. It’s made an everyday journey into something very creative. I love the way you look at life.

  • Francesca Russell

    I love these! The slow-mo effect is great. I love train travel so much. I took the train across the country from California to New York when I moved to NYC, and I’ve done four other cross-country train trips since. I love it so much. One day you should take the train from San Francisco to Denver. That is a stunning ride.