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I’ve been reflecting A LOT these past few days… with the 10 year anniversary and turning 40 around the corner, my head is full of memories & feelings. As I sort through boxes of photos and hard drives, I’m seeing the stories of my life flash before me.

Do you get ever get that? Like when you scroll through your Instagram feed, dip into old blog posts or open pages of old journals. 

I want to create a photo wall/montage something, of friends & family at the 40th party I’m having with two of my bestest oldest girlfriends. This project seems daunting because of the sheer volume of photos I have, but I’m also thankful that I have all these memories either shot myself or commissioned of my family as we’ve grown up.

As I sift through my photos, I began thinking about every person/family/child I’ve photographed – they’ve had that time in their life frozen by my camera, with the joy of images to experience now by scattering around the home or sharing with friends and family.

The real gift, I always tell them is in 10 years, when these photos instantly transport you back to that time and place. Feelings wash over and emotions run high. Yes, sometimes there are tears – but I’m that kinda girl. I’m sat at the moment with a pile of photos taken before and after when our first baby was born. Life was so different… Weren’t we young? It seems like only yesterday, yet so much has happened and changed. Look, my once baby, is now in secondary school! Wtf?!

Lately, enquires for my family, maternity & newborn portrait work have been thin on the ground… January is a tough month apparently. But you see I’m itching to photograph! to give memories… I can capture your life and preserve your story. I’m good at seeing what’s beautiful in your story and I’ll capture it and you in all the glory, so you can sit and reminisce with your family in years to come.

Just like I’ve been doing lately…

I get replies to enquiries saying they can’t afford my fee or they don’t feel fit/pretty/thin enough for photos right now… but I tell you, your wonderful life is happening right now, it’s passing by like a speed train changing all the time – I feel it deeply just by looking at our cubby cheeked bundle of a boy… he used to bounce non-stop on my lap, now his legs stretch for miles.

Can I provide you with photos of what’s really important?… please…

So, if you’ve ever thought of having photos by me… do get in touch… tell me your budget, tell me about you & your family. Let me come and hang out with my camera. Don’t wait any longer… trust me.

Take a look at these stories. These are the gifts that just keep giving.




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I just knew when I saw Jeanine’s new home-to-be, there had to be a photo shoot…

Especially having photographed Jeanine before.. and having followed the beautiful story of her and Joe’s journey together…

This is the next chapter in their lives… this shell of a house will be shaped into their first proper home together. I remember what that feels like. It’s lovely to have memories of these milestone relationship moments to look back on… and besides, look at the graffiti & wallpaper – who could ask for cooler backdrops?…

They brought a picnic, read poetry to each other, the sun beamed in (this place is going to have killer light!) and they made plans… together.

A few of my favourites frames…

I wish them all the best with this renovation project… it’s cool to think that maybe this time next year, their home could be ready… yay!



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Looking back… part three…

What you’ll often find when visiting here – is our life – who we are, the things we do and love… no, it’s not the nitty gritty of dirty laundry, grumpiness, arguments, unclean bathroom, tears… Yes, we have plenty of that going on here on a daily basis, but I don’t feel the need to capture that, let alone share it.

Here lies the beauty of using a camera… I focus on the good, look for the light, seek out the colour, gravitate towards the movement & the details of stuff that mean something to me… the little things now, but what will be amazing memory triggers as time passes.

These are some of my favourite moments with my boys this year…



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Looking back helps to see how far you’ve come and gather fuel for the year ahead. In collecting the material for these 2013 :: LOOKING BACK posts, I’ve been wonderfully surprised to see how much I’ve shot this year… for myself & for other people, in photographs and through films.

With an abundance of stories and images – I’ve split them up into manageable posts…

Part one begins with a selection of some of the amazing people and families I’ve captured… preserving this moment in their lives… It’s a real honour. Thank you.


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Meeting and capturing new babies with their new parents can be one of my most favourite sessions…

These guys were wonderful especially lovely baby Kira, who was a delight all morning.

I wish them all a splendid first festive time together… I remember how special our first Christmas with Ky was.

We took plenty of photos for their Christmas cards… Here are a few of my favourite in-between moments…



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I photographed this lovely family in the summer – a special session just for their daughter who was turning one… this time they wanted some more images of the whole family for christmas cards and gifts.

One of the things I love about capturing families is seeing how the children change and grow up each time I see them…

These guys are so wonderful… and it’s the natural candid moments I love the best.



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The most adorable little girl had loads of fun lying in the leaves, during our family portrait session yesterday.



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I photographed this lovely couple on a summers evening just before their due date…. when they were so excited about the next chapter in their lives.

Now Sebastian has arrived… and what a beauty he is…

One of my favourite photo sessions are newborn ones… all that ‘newness’ in the air, tiny hands & feet, fresh baby skin and parents who are so in love, they can’t keep their eyes of their baba.

This time is so special and so fleeting, as babies change daily.

Parents are usually so sleep deprived, over-whelmed and excited… it’s wonderful to freeze this moment in time, so they can remember just how precious it was.

Thank you for letting me capture this special time…



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When Stephanie emailed me about a family shoot, we started discussing locations… she mentioned a wildflower meadow at the local park where they walk everyday with their dog and son.

I was so excited. Wildflowers and new babies… what a dream!.

We spent a beautiful afternoon together, hanging out in their flat, gathering memories as they will soon be moving to a new house and this place will always be special, as it’s Florian first home.

Then the wildflower meadow! What a gift so early on in Autumn…

This family had me smiling all day, such joy and happiness oozed out of them… can’t wait to hang out with them again.

I love capturing families… through photos and films… contact me if you’d like me to hang out with you guys and tell your story…


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Oh my goodness! I totally fell in love with this family…

This family session was originally organised as part of a birthday gift, but while spending time with them and learning that they would be moving house the following month…. the photo session turned from just family photos, into capturing memories and the things they love about their long-time home on Huddleston Road.

So, alongside the images captured, I created a film – gathering what can’t be captured in photos, including some little things like… The children’s voices – at that age when everything they say is so sweet… sharing their memories of their home… and the way they giggle and snuggle each other.

and the doorstep – the threshold to any home.

Also, how they run down the pathway – the pathway that’s seen so many footsteps of friends and family come and go. The pathway that they won’t travel up and down on a daily basis anymore, as they’ve said goodbye to this home.

This is a gift they’ll have forever…. {much like the Time Capsule I made before we moved house.}

I love these moments… when pieced together, they create the bigger picture… a portrait of their home and family life.

Thanks for letting me capture this time in your lives, I wish you all the best in your new home. When can I come and capture your new family life?…

I love family sessions… contact me for details of how I would tell stories of your family life.