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As a photographer, it’s a privilege to spend time with a family and capture their moments.

Submerging myself into their lives, playing with the children, seeing the connections between siblings, the smiles & laughter, the energy that pours out of children, the hugs & the kisses and the love they all share … and then documenting it – the fleeting moments as a family grows…  knowing these images will be the key to unlocking these memories in the future.

It’s something I love to do so very much…

This year I witnessed some beautiful stories, met some new families and got to hang out with children I’ve seen grow up in front of my camera… preserving this moment in their lives is a real honour. Thank you to all my amazing families.

Please let 2015 bring an abundance of opportunities to tell more of these stories…




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This fabulous “job” of mine means I get to do a wide variety of work. But lately here on my blog, it’s just been sharing our adventures, life in London, my family, personal projects like color//colour lovers, my films and info about my e-courses…

Thankfully, I do get commissioned and asked to photograph families too – and I love it!

I’ve got so behind blogging the various family & maternity portrait sessions I’ve done so far this year. So here’s a selection from my favourite sessions, as I’m due to update my portfolio site soon. (If you’re a fabulous designer and you’d like to work with me – please let me know!)

It’s always an honour to capture these precious times… it’s so cliché and I know every photographer says it. But it’s true, I love capturing these special times, freezing the connections & the fleeting moments as a family grows. It’s a privilege to know these images will be the key to unlocking these memories in the future.

The summer is a great time for portraits… if you’d like a session with me – please get in touch… tell me about your family, so we can get together & tell your story.


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Looking back helps to see how far you’ve come and gather fuel for the year ahead. In collecting the material for these 2013 :: LOOKING BACK posts, I’ve been wonderfully surprised to see how much I’ve shot this year… for myself & for other people, in photographs and through films.

With an abundance of stories and images – I’ve split them up into manageable posts…

Part one begins with a selection of some of the amazing people and families I’ve captured… preserving this moment in their lives… It’s a real honour. Thank you.


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Meeting and capturing new babies with their new parents can be one of my most favourite sessions…

These guys were wonderful especially lovely baby Kira, who was a delight all morning.

I wish them all a splendid first festive time together… I remember how special our first Christmas with Ky was.

We took plenty of photos for their Christmas cards… Here are a few of my favourite in-between moments…



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I photographed this lovely couple on a summers evening just before their due date…. when they were so excited about the next chapter in their lives.

Now Sebastian has arrived… and what a beauty he is…

One of my favourite photo sessions are newborn ones… all that ‘newness’ in the air, tiny hands & feet, fresh baby skin and parents who are so in love, they can’t keep their eyes of their baba.

This time is so special and so fleeting, as babies change daily.

Parents are usually so sleep deprived, over-whelmed and excited… it’s wonderful to freeze this moment in time, so they can remember just how precious it was.

Thank you for letting me capture this special time…



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I love this family SO much. Shelley and I have known each other for years… one of those friends where a five minute chat always turns into an hour long gossip. Our children go to the same school and love hanging out with each other and I can’t tell you how many times she’s helped me out, all with a huge smile on her face.

I was so excited to meet their new little girl for some yummy snuggles… and give them a gift of some photos of this special time, as their family of 4 become 5.



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I fell a little bit in love with these two… so happy & care free, just about to embark on the exciting adventure of parent hood. Even Kirstin’s hay fever didn’t dampen their spirits on this beautiful evening last month…

Huge congratulations to them as their baby boy was born last week.


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Lovely Eddie is at that wonderful age of loads of smiles and fabulous noises…

These guys just love being a family… so much love and adoration.


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New mama and her sleeping babe. Moments like this always make me smile.





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Vanessa & Leon were the first couple to trust me to tell the story of their engagement and then their wedding. I was so honored to be part of their day, and since then we’ve become good friends. Vanessa wrote an email to me shortly after she saw her wedding photos, she signed off with this…”and I seriously can’t wait to have a baby so you can photograph my bump!!”

Fast forward a year or so, and they were pregnant! I was thrilled for them. With Vanessa’s due date looming we managed to find a morning last month, to take some photos, have a cuppa and talk babies. They had the nursery ready and were positively beaming with excitement.

Here are a few of my favourites…

Leon and all his wonderful silliness was with us for the start of the session…

Then the pace calmed down… as Leon left us to it.

Vanessa was so serene and dream like, I had to get the lensbaby out for a few shots.

Last week their daughter Lyla Rose arrived and apparently this new family are doing well… I can’t wait to go and see them all.