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It’s always a privilege to be invited into a family’s world. To step inside their homes & favourite spaces and witness their lives.

I’m humbled to see all these different stages of family life, each so amazing and unique….

Submerging myself into their lives, playing games, seeing the connections between parents and their children, the smiles & laughter, the energy that pours out of little ones, the hugs & the kisses and the love they all share… and then documenting it – the fleeting moments as a family grows…  knowing these images will be the key to unlocking these memories in the future.

It’s something I love to do very much…

Here’s a collection of some of the wonderful families here in London, that have invited me to document their lives recently.

Little stories of their family life…

If you’d like some family photos in London or beyond – Please get in touch – don’t wait till there’s more time, or you’ve cut your hair or painted the living room.

Life is worth documenting now – your family is amazing… I’d love to meet them.


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This family are very dear to my heart… having photographed them a couple of times before (here & here).

I love watching them grow from one year to the next, giving them the gift of memories of their family life, to enjoy in the future.

I’m itching to photograph your family… to give you memories… I can capture your life, look for what’s beautiful in your story and preserve it. I’ll capture photos of you in all the glory, so you can sit and reminisce with your family in years to come.

I sometimes get replies to enquiries saying they can’t afford a session or they don’t feel fit/pretty/thin enough for photos right now… but I tell you – your wonderful life is happening right now, it’s passing by like a speed train changing all the time – I feel it this so deeply as I watch our two boys grow up!

Can I provide you with photos of what’s really important?…right in this moment. Please…

So, if you’ve ever thought of having photos by me… do get in touch… tell me your budget, tell me about you & your family. Let me come and hang out with my camera. Don’t wait any longer… trust me.


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Yesterday, I shared a family session with two adorable little girls… It’s easy to think that the time to capture your family is when the kids are young… but I think any age is important to document. There’s always a story to tell as family life is constantly changing.

It’s about making time to freeze this ‘day in your life’ to remember the everyday things and what you did or where you lived at this stage in your family life… plus all the connections and love that a family has, no matter the age of the children.

These guys were fantastic – they laughed, shared stories with me… and their dog, Biscuit was always trying to be part of the action.

The boys showed me their favourite things to do – Sasha even wrote me a poem! that’s a first for me.

Here are a few of my favourite frames.

If you’re interested in a family session with me… contact me – I’d love to tell your stories.




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I love to just hang out with a family during a photo session at their home.

We play and chat….I’m grateful to be invited into their world.

They don’t have to be doing anything special – just their everyday stuff will make for great memories in the future.

I remember many mornings like this with our boys, when they were younger.

Recently I went to play with this mama and her two adorable girls – They played, read, drew pictures, had snacks… just the regular stuff that happens in a home with a family like this. I was even entertained by songs from the Frozen soundtrack – what a treat!

They now have this “day in their life” preserved forever – a Time Capsule of memories of how their life is, right at this moment. I think that’s pretty special.

Here are a few of my favourite frames.

Interested in booking a session? Contact me & I’ll send you the details. x.




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I love photographing families.

Submerging myself into their family life. Quickly spotting the connections that can be captured and recognising the moments that are worth remembering.

Taking photos that families didn’t know they needed. The in-between moments.

The sibling love or the fighting. The way their feet dangle from the chair. The cheesy grin. The favourite story book, treasured toy or cuddly friend.  The way they run. The way they sit on your hip or on your shoulders. The curls. The cuddles. The smiles. The way they laugh together or cry. The non-stop, can’t sit down, always on-the-go stage. The blue eyes. The jumping. The flower picking.

The joys of family life.

I see all these things… and more.

I’ve captured them with our boys and the many children that have been in front of my lens.

I want to tell your story as a family. Sure, we can do the photos that Granny wants – the smile “look at me”, so she can put it on the mantel. But there are all the moments that surround it, that show the true personality of your family… these are what we’ll discover if you invite me to capture your family, in your home or your favourite place.

I will play, I will run, I will read books, I will chat with the kids, I will get down on the floor to play lego… hey, I’ll even sing if necessary… although I can’t promise I’ll know all the words.

But most of all we’ll have FUN… and I’ll bring my camera.

For more details about my family sessions and how I can capture your loved ones…

Contact mexantheb [at], I’d love to meet your family.

More family portrait sessions here & here…





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This fabulous “job” of mine means I get to do a wide variety of work. But lately here on my blog, it’s just been sharing our adventures, life in London, my family, personal projects like color//colour lovers, my films and info about my e-courses…

Thankfully, I do get commissioned and asked to photograph families too – and I love it!

I’ve got so behind blogging the various family & maternity portrait sessions I’ve done so far this year. So here’s a selection from my favourite sessions, as I’m due to update my portfolio site soon. (If you’re a fabulous designer and you’d like to work with me – please let me know!)

It’s always an honour to capture these precious times… it’s so cliché and I know every photographer says it. But it’s true, I love capturing these special times, freezing the connections & the fleeting moments as a family grows. It’s a privilege to know these images will be the key to unlocking these memories in the future.

The summer is a great time for portraits… if you’d like a session with me – please get in touch… tell me about your family, so we can get together & tell your story.


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I just knew when I saw Jeanine’s new home-to-be, there had to be a photo shoot…

Especially having photographed Jeanine before.. and having followed the beautiful story of her and Joe’s journey together…

This is the next chapter in their lives… this shell of a house will be shaped into their first proper home together. I remember what that feels like. It’s lovely to have memories of these milestone relationship moments to look back on… and besides, look at the graffiti & wallpaper – who could ask for cooler backdrops?…

They brought a picnic, read poetry to each other, the sun beamed in (this place is going to have killer light!) and they made plans… together.

A few of my favourites frames…

I wish them all the best with this renovation project… it’s cool to think that maybe this time next year, their home could be ready… yay!



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When Stephanie emailed me about a family shoot, we started discussing locations… she mentioned a wildflower meadow at the local park where they walk everyday with their dog and son.

I was so excited. Wildflowers and new babies… what a dream!.

We spent a beautiful afternoon together, hanging out in their flat, gathering memories as they will soon be moving to a new house and this place will always be special, as it’s Florian first home.

Then the wildflower meadow! What a gift so early on in Autumn…

This family had me smiling all day, such joy and happiness oozed out of them… can’t wait to hang out with them again.

I love capturing families… through photos and films… contact me if you’d like me to hang out with you guys and tell your story…


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Over the summer I photographed some fabulous families… some really precious moments were captured and these families will have some sweet memories to look back on… I’ll be sharing some of these sessions soon.

Have you been meaning to have some family photos taken?, but just keep putting it off…

How about we make it happen?

I can come and hang out at your home or favourite place…

See the kid’s rooms,

play in your messy kitchen or your heart of the home

and discover what you all love to do there…

We could have breakfast together,

or bake a cake,

or jump in puddles,

or sit on the doorstep,

or take me on a bike ride…

We could play in the Autumn leaves,

make paper aeroplanes,

dance in the hallway,

or roll around on the sofa,

eat snacks & have chats,

or read books,

or visit your favourite playground.

We can DO what you LOVE to DO… and we’ll have fun together whatever we do and I’ll shoot some pretty photos to print & share. Forever.

Let’s tell your story of your now… for you to treasure forever. Hey, these photos could make wonderful Christmas gifts or even christmas cards… how happy would the grandparents be, to have a new photo to put on the mantel piece.

I’ve even got some special Autumn offers on selected weekends in October & November as an added incentive to make this happen. Contact me and let’s have some fun.

I’d love to meet your family…



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So when a photographer from the other side of the world contacts you about photographing their family – your tummy flips a little…

then you find out they’ve won Family Photographer of the Year in Australia – GULP!

Then you hear all about the amazing 6 week trip to Europe they have planned, (just as we’d returned from our big adventure, so I totally got the excitement)…. and knew first hand how precious the experience is and that moments like this should be captured and treasured.

We talked beforehand about how Robyn would love a film, that tells the story of who their family is ‘right in this moment’, just as their trip was starting… her children are growing up & blossoming and life changes so quickly. Robyn writes beautifully about the other reasons for their trip and the photo session here… and I love this quote -

“In twenty years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.” Mary Schmich

Our lovely afternoon was probably one of the crazy days I’ve ever spent shooting, as the Southbank in London was packed with people in the sweltering heat and there was so much for the children to do… it was a feast on the senses!

I could have chatted to Robyn for hours, but knowing how much this family time meant for her, I gathered as many moments for them as I could – the silly bits, the little details of her children and the sentimental moments… and plenty of smiles and happiness… and created a Time Capsule Film that I hope they will treasure forever.

Thanks for letting me tell your story Robyn… you are as fabulous now as you will be in 20 years… big love to you all.