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The essence of a Time Capsule film is to lock up some moments to look back on in years to come. Just like a Time Capsule box full of treasures – your film could be packed with everyday moments or special memories… or even both!

When people take part in my online film making course – Creating Time Capsules, I encourage them to look for the details they might want to remember… the little things that seem mundane or ordinary… but will, slowly over time, change.

It’s seems I’ve been drawn to Sunday stories… I didn’t really realise it, but I’ve made a few films, in the last year or so on a Sunday and they’ve all been stop-motions – because this is the simplest film to make and the one I encourage people just starting out to try. Here’s my most recent one from last weekend… with a festive flavour!

You take photos to capture the movement within the frame and in the editing process you bring the images in and adjust the timings and you’re done! It’s that simple. For those just staring out in film making, it gives you a chance to look for and capture movement without worrying about understanding video.

These Sunday films make me smile – nothing major happens, in fact from what I’ve just watched, there’s a lot of tea drinking! from me… shoes & socks being put on, cats lazing around or begging at the door and “let’s look at the sky” but that’s my style… those are the things I’m drawn too, those are the movements I see and want to remember… and in the background I see memories preserved. I see our old house, I see the boys changing, the things we do and my favourite mug of the moment!

As I go into next year – I’m going to continue with the Sunday theme and make more as part of


It starts next week – Dec 16th, just in time to capture some festive memories… Registration for will remain open till January for those who would prefer to begin at the start of the year.

A whole year to give you time and space to create some wonderful films – would you like to join? Maybe you can capture some of your Sunday stories?… I’d love to see them.

Imagine the collection of films you could have by the end of 2015.


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December 12th, 2014 at 12:49 pm

  • Tracie West

    I’m just so excited for 2015 and the year spent learning from you!

  • Bella Cirovic

    Dear Friend … you are such a gifted storyteller! It was that 1st video that prompted me to finally join your course after admiring it for so long. Happy weekend. xo