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Kim and I have been friends for a few years now, ever since the Shutter Sisters Camp retreat – we connected during our time there and have stayed in contact by regularly chatting on Skype, as we share our lives and inspire each other on our creative journeys.

We have lots in common but we’re also very different from each other. We both joke that if we hadn’t meet each other through Shutter Sisters, we may never have connected online AT ALL.

Our creative styles – what we love to shoot and how we shoot are very different – in fact we’re the opposite.

Kim loves white, still-life, beautiful props that don’t move, a mindful peacefulness, textures, quiet surroundings of the countryside…

I love the opposite – colour, movement, people, playfulness, making films, the city….

But the passion for what we do is the connection, plus a respect and admiration that we see the world differently.

The idea behind creating the retreat GATHER, was that we had a lot to offer people by creating a space to explore and capture what we both love. From still life vignettes all around the house to portraits on the beach or in front of colourful walls, with a whole load more in between.

One thing I got to witness was Kim in action… capturing her love of beautiful objects to create peaceful images.

So I made a little film… What a joy it was to watch her in action.

Come back for another film from GATHER tomorrow!



Written by xanthe

December 3rd, 2014 at 9:00 am

  • michelle gd

    another beauty of a film.
    love both your styles and now love knowing the friendship that goes along…

  • Jill

    Gosh, another fabulous film.

  • leonie

    ohhhh, that’s so beautiful. i love both your styles and it’s so great to see Kim in action and how she sets things up. you are both so inspiring!

    i do hope you GATHER again in 2015 – i would so love to join you