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You know I love shooting video and making films… right? well, my new love is slow-mo video shot on the iPhone…

It’s turning into an addiction…

Yes, I use slow motion footage in my family Time Capsule films, as I love the feeling it creates and how you can really indulge in a moment.

But using the iPhone is great, as it’s SO easy to shoot with and the slow-mo feature is brilliant.

I’ve had a few questions about my video clips and people asking how I’m uploading my clips to Instagram… so I thought I’d make a little tutorial and share my process.

Here I share how I edit my clips in iMovie… how to fade-to-black… uploading in the 16:9 ratio… it’s simple and quick – anyone can give it a try. (It’s likely there are plenty of other ways to do this, I’m just sharing how I do it.)

These are the apps I use - iMovie app  - Squaready Video

I’d love to see if you make use of this tutorial, so please tag me @xantheb so I can peek into your slow-mo world.


My online course Creating Time Capsules has been running for years, where I share all you need to know to turn your photos & videos into films of your life.

Starting in December there’ll be an extended version ALL YEAR LONG, during 2015. Giving plenty of time to make some magic films of your life.

A Year Of Creating Time Capsules is happening… all the details are HERE.

Why don’t you join the growing community that will be capturing their 2015 by creating Time Capsule films.



Written by xanthe

November 26th, 2014 at 8:15 am

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  • Bella Cirovic

    Thank you, lady! I am going to do a video soon! xo

  • Kim Klassen

    you are genius. : )