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This summer was a glorious whirlwind… packed to the brim…

The sun glistened and the days were long – oh those were the best… and the golden hour, that I never want to end. It rained a lot too… I’ll never forget those Bertha thunderstorms, making me worry about the boys camping on their own in some valley in Scotland.

It was the summer of the skateboard – much like last year was the summer of the scooter and the summer before that – the diabolo (although, even those still make a regular appearance) the love of the skateboard had us discovering new pockets of London.

There were body boards too… but the water wasn’t as warm as Mexico, so it wasn’t as appealing.

There was peacefulness in the house & there were noisy times – the boys fighting and the volume it creates.

The lush greens, the countryside and those Welsh hills covered in purple heather as we drove by. The vibrant cityscapes of our dearest London – I love the colours and new corners explored.

Being in the company of wonderful friends & their children… food and conversation – stories shared and laughter round the table or campfire.

There were tears too – a few headaches and heartaches, keep the balance of feeling all emotions fully… that’s ok. I’m sensitive to it all. I know this.

So grateful for a life this full. For my camera to capture it all. Oh summer of 2014 you were a delight!

Just a few of my favourite scenes of summer… the little frames to spark the bigger story.

 Photos shot on Canon 5DIII & iPhone 5s


Written by xanthe

September 19th, 2014 at 8:00 am

  • Just me Kirsty

    Looks like you had a fantastic summer, full of colour!

  • Bel – Life at no2

    The photo of you and the boys is equisit!

  • leonie

    the delight in your photos is always so palpable, i love seeing the world through your eyes. x

  • Laura Bastien

    Oh such a lovely summer! This was a great way to start my morning–they all brought a big smile to my face!

  • mascara & mud

    I smiled through all of these photos. Just lovely.