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This week is all about RED….

A small walk in central London reveals plenty of it for a color // colour lover like me…



A collaborative color // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



Written by xanthe

January 21st, 2014 at 2:00 pm

  • amandasummons

    Love love it!!! How do you make your gifs? What program do you use?

  • Dotti C. Rinehart

    These are wonderful, Xanthe! I love red, too, and every time I see your color photos from the heart of London, my wanderlust goes into top gear. So much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  • Rosie Grey

    So gorgeous, Xanthe! I love seeing that vibrant red, especially on a foggy and rainy day like today! I love your color/colour project and can’t wait to find something red for this week to play along!