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Many years ago I declared I Love Instagram… My love still holds true today.

Here’s why -

1. It’s a visual journal of my life… the things I do and see…. the places we go and adventures we have. When I swipe through my feed it’s like watching the past four years flash in front of me – the best kind of “Time Capsule”.

2. In terms of my work, it’s my most current portfolio – where I can share my favourite photos & films both professionally and personally. By sharing what I love to shoot, I can set the intention to shoot more of it.

3. There’s constant inspiration – you can find people who share similar work or be inspired by something different. For example I follow other Londoners and people sharing their family adventures – but I also enjoy the creativity of designers, makers and people travelling the world… oh and florists!

4. If you’re stuck in a rut or want to step out of your comfort zone – you can join in photo challenges or hashtag projects. See what your favourite accounts are joining in with, or some might even be running their own hashtags. Creating alongside a prompt can push you to shoot something different or see things in a new way.

5. The Instagram community is one of the most supportive and encouraging group of creatives you’ll find. Your people are on there, you just need to seek them out.

Yes, I’m pretty passionate about Instagram – so much so I’m collaborating with the brilliant Kim Klassen on a brand new online course - Instaguide – We’re going to share how we use Instagram for our creative growth and to boost our businesses… plus loads of tips, tricks and inspiration to get started and get more from our favourite app.

All the details are HERE – We’re starting next week and we’re super excited!

How about a giveaway?! – If you’d like to win a place on our course, let me know why you love Instagram – just leave a comment here or over on my post on Instagram – for two chances to win! I’ll pick the random winner on Sunday, just in time for the course to begin…



Written by xanthe

August 13th, 2015 at 3:44 pm

  • Goblin Child

    I’m just getting into Instagram. I love that it’s a visual way to connect with other photographers – it’s kind of how I wish Pinterest was. That said, I know that I’m not maximising its effectiveness by any stretch of the imagination and I’m not sure that my images get seen much. I’d love to win a place on your course. x

  • Mary @

    Totally awesome lady

  • Designer Esra

    What a great idea! Would love to attend your online workshop. I love Instagram because it’s the only social app that really connects people with similar interests. I met so many fabulous souls on here. I also love how visually creative we can be with the app

  • Emily Ingalls

    Love the Instagram community because they are supportive and nice!

  • Cheryl

    Love instagram because I get inspired by others’ photos and learn how others compose their photos.

  • Lauren

    LOVE the instagram community! Ive made and met (in real life) so many friends this way. And of course the never ending inspiration!

  • claudia

    Love IG because of the amazingly talented and inspiring friends around the whole world we get to have!! It’s like having pen pals through photos. I think I fell out of love with Flickr because IG was so convenient & quick on my phone. No need to bring over to the PC and watermark, edit, resize…yes, it’s not dslr (though it can be when I want) but I am taking and posting more photos bottom line. Love, love these little squares of inspirational goodness :)

  • Bonnie

    I am not completely sold on Instagram yet, but want to be :) I recently started up a second Instagram account that was just for my nature photos and mostly from my DSLR (because I still much prefer that camera to a phone camera and I like landscape, nature and macro photography mostly). I did that so I could have an open account instead of a private account which is what I started with and was only pictures from my phone and mostly only ones to share with close friends and family (of my kids and things . . . just stuff the entire world wouldn’t care about and I choose not to share with strangers). I am a little frustrated that I cannot easily manage the 2 accounts on my phone (having to log out of one and into another, etc.) and I also got annoyed by the amount of people tagging me and following me because they want to send me to places where I can buy followers! I believe you and Kim that Instagram is great, but just not quite there yet–I guess I need your course :)

  • Kim Gowdy

    I look forward to joining YOU & Kim Klassen in both classes! I too have been a lover of IG and work with Canadian Scrapbooking Magazine to keep their feed up to date! Hoping to glean some new useful info for my IG account and the Magazine’s acct!

  • Elisa

    I love Instagram because it’s a fantastic way to share things so simply and immediately with a wide audience: it’s more immediate, easier and more manageable than blogging daily, and It’s my favorite social media platform!

  • Paula Bogdan

    InstGram makes me happy;I’m like a kid in a candy store. And, yes, I’m inspired and forever learning and new ways of looking at things. Love your work”

  • Brooke Penrose

    Hi Xanthe. I love Instagram for similar reasons to you. I feel it’s really helped me learn to develop my photographs and start to gain a better understanding of why I like to take pictures. I also love learning from others and this platform offers so many chances to do that. Love your work, especially the mini movies.