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Yesterday I launched A JOURNEY, it’s been huge time for me, I’ve spent the past few weeks pouring everything I know and love into this course. I never imagined after putting together Creating Time Capsules last year, that there would be more to share…

I’ve discovered so much this past year, about my passion, about making films, about storytelling, about the creative stumbling blocks, about teaching and what you have to do to make projects happen… and that’s what I’m sharing in this new course.

Creating all this content has taken me on quite a journey for me already… through the ups and downs of creativity and now it’s started, I can’t wait to see what the wonderful community that’s gathered is going to create.

I’m taking part just like everyone else participating, making my own films and sharing part of my process, maybe the shooting or the editing… this is a great thing, as it means I have more Time Capsules to keep.

Earlier this month I tried as different approach to the “day in a life” focusing on the little everyday things – the moments, movements & memories and celebrated them in a new Random Happenings series I will be creating.

Thanks for watching and for passing by here into my world…

Written by xanthe

January 23rd, 2013 at 10:36 am

  • kirstinmckee

    Utterly brilliant, Xanthe. I bet you can’t stop coming back to look at it. Again and again.

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  • justine gordon

    gorgeous video

  • Tamar Haytayan Armen

    beautiful Xanthe! just have to find the time to dig in to the material. hmm a Saturday or Sunday in our lives sounds great! x (booked our flights to London end June! Hope you are there at that time xxxx)

    • xantheberkeley

      Yay London! Can’t wait xxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/atippmann Angela Tippmann

    Hi Xanthe, I just discovered your blog and your gorgeous videos and feel very inspired to start making little treasures like these with my new camera- a DSLR with video that I feel pretty much clueless to know how to use…. I love how your clips are just photos in motion- I can do that! I think I just have to switch my photographer thinking a little over to videographer thoughts? Thanks for the inspiration! I’m going to look into your classes as well. Love your work!

    • xantheberkeley

      GO for it! Just play around xxx

  • http://www.chalkboardliving.com/ chalkboard living

    Xanthe. Anyone who makes that kind of film has beauty and love in their heart.

    • xantheberkeley

      You are very lovely! You can do this too, with your little ones, can’t wait to see it. x