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Over on I Heart Snapping we’re nearly at the halfway stage of the Living Arrows project – one photo a week of our children.

The past couple of months have looked like this…

Photos shot on Canon EOS 5DmIII & iPhone 5s

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June 24th, 2014 at 11:32 am

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A week of YELLOW – looks like this – Did you have fun seeking out the sunny goodness?

This week is PINK!! – yay!


The collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 




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June 22nd, 2014 at 3:03 pm


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:: A weekend trip to the Mill IOW ::

:: An afternoon at Wimbledon with Instagram – before the championship starts ::

:: A ridiculous migraine – knocked me out for two days ::

:: Colourful floors with a friend & a darling family ::

yellow week continues for color//colour lovers.

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June 20th, 2014 at 5:52 pm


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A week of RED…

Summer fruits a plenty in red :: bike rides in red dresses :: special red drinks :: red shop fronts & plates :: red walls :: red clothing :: London is red.

RED is great opening colour…. Did you find some great RED? share with me in the comments.

This week starts now with YELLOW – and I couldn’t be happier! Will you play?


The collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



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June 16th, 2014 at 11:30 am


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The school run has become a thing of the past for me in recent months. As both our boys make their way to and from school on their own.

My biggest fears for the boys as they venture more and more out in the world on their own, is road safety. Educating them to be street wise is only part of the situation… the roads need to be safe and speeds limits enforced. That’s why I’ve been happy to support Sustrans this week, as they are campaigning that every child should have the right to a safe walk, scoot or bike to school.

Please check out the Safe To School campaign and see how you can support it.

Also, can’t wait to show you all about my adventure with two friends & our Bobbin Birdies in London yesterday.

Have a lovely weekend…

Keep looking for RED for the colour // colour project - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 




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June 13th, 2014 at 10:47 am


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The red fruits of summer. The taste of summer.

P.s It’s the last chance to join Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY - as it starts today!


This week is RED for the collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



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June 11th, 2014 at 3:02 pm


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It’s back… the color//colour lovers project. Last time it was to get us through the greyest darkest part of winter.

This time Andrea & I will be celebrating all the colour that summer brings – colour + summer = good times!!

The fabulous Andrea & I will be sharing images on Instagram & our blogs + our shared happy place – colour//colour lovers.

Please join us wherever you play, with the hashtag #colorcolourlovers and the colour of the week hashtag… we’d love to see what colour you’re finding.

It will be a seven week exploration to seek colour & capture it…

week one: Mon 9th June : RED

week two: Mon 16th June : YELLOW

week three: Mon 23rd June : PINK

week four: Mon 30th June : GREEN

week five: Mon 7th July : PURPLE

week six: Mon 14th July : ORANGE

week seven: Mon 21st July : BLUE

Yay! can’t wait to get started – it’s RED all week.


A collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 


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June 9th, 2014 at 10:35 am

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I had no intention of making another Adventures in Water film before we left for Mexico. I’d done it already and was looking to create something new.

But once there and seeing how much time we were spending in & around water, in the hotel’s pool and glorious beach… my cameras were capturing it all.

I so enjoyed shooting in the slow motion setting on the iPhone 5s and once I started going through the footage upon my return, I wondered if I could use the same theme, but create something different, by giving this film a slower pace than part one. I tend to make upbeat films packed with short snippets of footage, this film would be slow and thoughtful with longer segments. Besides the theme of water might be the same, but the location is new and my family have changed a year on!

So here it is. Water adventures – part two. The same but different.

I had so much fun shooting it, with so many great water experiences. Body boarding was such a blast, I could’ve made an exclusive body boarding film actually… and maybe I will!

To get the body boarding shots – I was on a board too, I have a strap on my LifeProof case, so it’s secure around my wrist, and I held the device on the board for stability facing my subject and then waited for the right wave…

If you’d like to try shooting video under & around water – check out my tips here… Also, try and capture your footage early in the day when the pool is quiet, it’s much nicer to have clear backgrounds not full of people…

The song in the film is so apt for how I feel about this experience… we were so lucky – thank you to First Choice holidays & everyone on the blogging team for making this all possible, we were very spoilt and visiting Mexico was a dream come true!

More photos and films to come from our experiences… stay tuned.


You can make films like this – captured on your mobile or camera, simply edited and created to share & have for years to come. Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY starts next week and there’s still time to join… All the details are here.

As promised… announcement for my giveaway! Here are random lucky winners for a place on Creating Time capsules…

Kristen Pape & Marina – I’ll contact you later today to get you all set up.

Happy Friday!

Photos shot iPhone 5s – Film captured on the iPhone 5s with a LifeProof case with additional footage from the Canon 5D mIII


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June 6th, 2014 at 2:15 pm


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This fabulous “job” of mine means I get to do a wide variety of work. But lately here on my blog, it’s just been sharing our adventures, life in London, my family, personal projects like color//colour lovers, my films and info about my e-courses…

Thankfully, I do get commissioned and asked to photograph families too – and I love it!

I’ve got so behind blogging the various family & maternity portrait sessions I’ve done so far this year. So here’s a selection from my favourite sessions, as I’m due to update my portfolio site soon. (If you’re a fabulous designer and you’d like to work with me – please let me know!)

It’s always an honour to capture these precious times… it’s so cliché and I know every photographer says it. But it’s true, I love capturing these special times, freezing the connections & the fleeting moments as a family grows. It’s a privilege to know these images will be the key to unlocking these memories in the future.

The summer is a great time for portraits… if you’d like a session with me – please get in touch… tell me about your family, so we can get together & tell your story.


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We’re back… Mexico was ace in SO many ways… and slowly over a few blog posts here & on the First Choice blog, I’ll share some of the adventures.

I’m just beginning to sift through footage and images from my Canon DSLR. So let’s start with iPhone images…

The colours… oh the colours of Mexico. They did not disappoint. Everywhere was colour, I was in heaven. Greedily, I want more, this just felt like a taste of what Mexico & South America has to offer and hope we can make it back there soon, to bask in the colours I love to shoot.

The colour in abundance was BLUE… it was everywhere… surrounding us in the sea & the sky… and of course, in the pool at the hotel.

Oh BLUE… you are delight! – There’s plenty more colour & sunshine to come…

Now for a giveaway!

Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY starts next week… all the details are here.

As promised before I left. Let’s do a giveaway - The offer is for TWO places to take part – Double the chance to win!. All you need to do is leave a comment and I’ll pick a couple of random comments on Friday 6th June.

Now, before I go… let me share possibly my favourite clip from the trip… It’s short & it’s imperfect. Shot on the fly on the iPhone, the focus is off as there was no time to set this shot up, it was totally spur of moment.

But I love it!

It sums up Cosmo at this moment in his life. You see, Cosmo is never without cards, constantly doing tricks on anyone who’ll give him attention.

During our visit to Las Caletas, he fell in love with this Macaw… and wanted him to become part his act… we were totally surprised by what happened!


All photos & video shot on the iPhone 5s.