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Most of the family portrait sessions I photograph are with young children…

They’re adorable… a delight to photograph, full of energy & sweetness, but this family made me remember it doesn’t matter what age your children are – family photos are so wonderful. The connections are there, so is the love… and that should be preserved. These daughters just adored their mama… Dad was around and part of many of the photos, but it was the girls and their mother that were the centre of the story.

Just a few of my favourites from the afternoon we spent together…

If you’d like some family photos… don’t let time pass by – Let’s freeze your moments right now and create some magic memories of your life as it is right now.

Contact me… I’d love to meet you.




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It’s so joyful spending time with creative people playing & making with flowers & pretty things.

I had the pleasure of joining Philippa of 5ftinf at her floral workshop at West Elm a few weeks ago, to document the experience.

As you can see from the film above…the workshop was packed with prettiness, creativity and good times!

West Elm provided a beautiful space for Philippa to share her process and encourage others to create. The ladies used flowers and greenery to make heart shaped wreaths and flamboyant head pieces.

Tables were bursting with pretty things, colourful flowers, foliage & cups of tea – making a beautiful mess!

Everyone was making… creating… chatting and connecting.

The atmosphere was buzzing with creativity and smiles… from what I could see everyone had a lovely time and so many beautiful pieces were made…

I so enjoyed capturing the experience… Thanks for having me Phillippa and West Elm.


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March 5th, 2015 at 5:57 pm

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A fun part of the color//colour lovers project was creating the little Instagram films based around each colour.

{Press play to watch the action}

Just gathering bit and bobs I found around the house, in the colour of the week.

Making simple stop motions and mini films of the objects moving and disappearing, makes me smile.

It’s quite simple to do, just requires a bit of patience…

And remembering to keep the cat out of the room!

I even explored the beauty of nature… with petals and leaves.

I’m certain to make more of these! I see blossoms, petals and so many flowers dancing… also… pebbles, feathers, ribbons – my head is buzzing with ideas!

And then I visited some of my favourite shops to play with their products and organise in colour.

Thank you to Pedlars and West Elm, London for letting me come and play in your stores.

Can I return sometime soon?

I so enjoyed the process of playing, experimenting and creating – I’m looking forward to making more… so watch this space.


Along with shooting video and making your own films… I share everything I know about making stop motions using photos and editing them together in iMovie in my online course Creating Time Capsules – It’s super simple once you know how!

There’s still time to register as the course starts on Friday 6th… All the details are HERE.



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The final week of color//colour lovers was all about the BLUES…

Beautiful blues found everywhere you look… especially the sky.

On the table of course…

and the occasional bloom…

It’s been such a fun project… both Andrea & I have embraced as much colour as we could and soaked away the grey of the winter months…

Thanks Andrea for all your colour finds!… and to everyone that played along on Instagram – It’s been a blast!

Till next year… keep tagging your colourful finds with #colorcolorlovers or…

…visit our shared space if you’d like to see the whole project…

and if you’re ever in need of a colour tonic, you can always find me collecting colour here…

Follow Xanthe Berkeley – Film & photography’s board ALL ABOUT THE COLOUR! on Pinterest.


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March 3rd, 2015 at 1:47 pm


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Just popping in to announce the lucky people who get a chance to join

Creating Time Capsules…  from this giveaway.

Names out of the hat from my blog -


& from Instagram -


Let’s connect so I can give you all the details. YAY!

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March 2nd, 2015 at 4:35 pm


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Last week we answered the burning desire to visit the mountains and try our hand at skiing… the Alps would’ve been nice, but the budget didn’t allow, so we adventured off to Scotland instead.

A quick flight to Edinburgh… a stunning scenic car ride along fields & tree lined roads and we were on the slopes for the afternoon. SO quick and easy.

The boys were in their element and took off down the slopes with ease. I surprised myself, (having failed miserably at skiing on a school trip) I managed to tackle the ski runs with them… even if I was going at half the speed (taking in the sights of course!) and they all laugh at my snow plough action!

Here are just a few moments we captured on a Go Pro 4 and the Nokia Lumia 1020.

To be honest I was too busy skiing to capture everything I would’ve liked, plus the weather was very misty on the last day! and it’s not that easy to film while skiing (surprise!).

There was enough footage to make a One Minute Memory… and that’s all you need sometimes to transport yourself back in time.

A One Minute Memory film is simple to make and I encourage participants to create them during my online course Creating Time Capsules where I share how you can capture your moments, edit them together to keep them forever.

The next round of Creating Time Capsules starts soon on March 6th – I know not everyone has the means to take part, so I’m launching a giveaway for TWO places – one place by leaving a comment here on the blog & one place by leaving a comment on my Instagram feed on the mini version of this film.

Let me know what you would like to capture in a Time Capsule film in the comments.

I’ll announce the winners next Monday 2nd March – All the best!

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February 23rd, 2015 at 1:54 pm


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With half of the week spent in the snow, I thought ORANGE hunting might be a challenge…

But I should’ve known… if you look, there is colour… and the back drop of the snow, made it even more special.

Once we back home… there were pops of ORANGE everywhere. It’s been such a great week!

Especially with three stop motions in ORANGE – one :: two :: three.

Now it’s over to BLUE for the final week of color//colour lovers! for my hue loving friend Andrea & I.

And then it will be March… and then spring… and we will have beaten the winter blahs!


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February 23rd, 2015 at 9:09 am


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If I could, all our Time Capsule films would be of fun filled adventures to colourful places, golden hours leaping through sun drenched fields of corn or grabbing some wheels to explore the streets of some familiar London favourite… & even new destinations.

But I have to remind myself that magic is happening everyday in my life. The little things are just as beautiful and just as important to capture.

As part of my A Year of Creating Time Capsules course, I’ve challenged myself along with the lovely people taking part, to create films each month. This should be a simple task as the past couple of years have shown. But now that it’s a goal, it changes the pressure I feel. So I struggled this month. Battled with what to create, wishing for those magic elements I mentioned above, but alas February is the toughest month (that’s why the color//colour lovers project is so important to me) – no cool adventures, just everyday stuff.

So I made a simple film of our weekend. I finally figured it was alright for my film this month to be just OK… Just embrace our life. And the pressure was lifted.

Sun drenched days & adventures will return hopefully, but till then I’ll happily gather our moments and be grateful for this process of making Time Capsules.

Another round of Creating Time Capsules starts next month – this will be the last time I run it till the summer. So if you’d like to create your own films and step into the magic of telling your everyday stories – here are all the details!


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February 18th, 2015 at 6:00 pm


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Glorious GREEN… I’ve so enjoyed this week… lush, vibrant & abundant greens!

Roll on ORANGE…

Find Andrea & I over on the #colorcolourlovers hashtag on Instagram or on the Tumblrs…


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February 15th, 2015 at 11:00 am


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Pink was a delightful surprise! I’d forgotten how lovely it can be.

Andrea & I had so much fun this week – did you see the door she found?!!

And…. flamingos in windows!! What lovely serendipity.

Goodbye PINK… Hello GREEN – Join us over on Instagram to play along… or feast on the colour basecamp at color//colour lovers.

A mixture of iPhone 5s and Canon 5DmIII photos.


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February 9th, 2015 at 10:06 am