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Glorious GREEN… I’ve so enjoyed this week… lush, vibrant & abundant greens!

Roll on ORANGE…

Find Andrea & I over on the #colorcolourlovers hashtag on Instagram or on the Tumblrs…


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February 15th, 2015 at 11:00 am


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Pink was a delightful surprise! I’d forgotten how lovely it can be.

Andrea & I had so much fun this week – did you see the door she found?!!

And…. flamingos in windows!! What lovely serendipity.

Goodbye PINK… Hello GREEN – Join us over on Instagram to play along… or feast on the colour basecamp at color//colour lovers.

A mixture of iPhone 5s and Canon 5DmIII photos.


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February 9th, 2015 at 10:06 am


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We love a night in a hotel… But we’d never stayed at a London hotel. So when The Hoxton Hotel invited us for the night, I jumped at the chance for a staycation. We’d spent a lovely afternoon at the Hoxton recently, lounging in the lobby and taking advantage of their Photo Booth… more of that sounded delightful!

To make the most of the experience, we headed into the bustling Hoxton area for the afternoon. Checking in was smooth and we whisked ourselves up to the top floor, dropping our bags in the gorgeous room, checking out the view and comfy-ness of the bed… Yes, it was tempting to have a nap, but the vibrancy of Shoreditch was calling.

We mooched around, heading to Blackall Street, which is an alley bursting with street art… we became captivated by artists creating in front of us.

The chilly air sent us inside for warm drinks and a relax on the comfy sofas at Forge & Co. Wondered down past my favourite colourful walls at Chance Street to Brick Lane, for a spot of window shopping and plenty of watching the world go by… there’s something to see on every street corner…

Time for dinner – if you want a table at Dishoom, you have to go early. But it’s so worth it, the food is out of this world. The vibe is electric, the air thick with incense, people laughing, and the staff taking care of you. Delicious spicy food warmed us for our short walk back to the hotel… how lovely not to have to navigate our way home!

The lobby of the hotel was brimming with Friday night revellers – cool music playing from the DJ and cocktails being shaken and enjoyed… This would have totally been our scene a few years ago but instead we grabbed a drink and sneaked off to play table tennis in the board room – Yes, table can be used for meetings as well! I remembered how much I love table tennis – you don’t have to be really good to have fun.

Back upstairs for a cosy sleep and up bright & early to the breakfast bag of goodies and falling snow flakes out the window.

The boys had been desperate to stay in the hotel too, so as a compromise they came down to join us for brunch… Let me tell you about the outstanding avocado and poached egg – Delicious!

A couple of hours were spent – lounging in the lobby, watching tv in bed, more photo strips and then I got beaten at table tennis by the boys!

Such a lovely time – thanks to the Hoxton Hotel for a splendid staycation. Hopefully we’ll do it again some time.





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I LOVE yellow… so it wasn’t a surprise that this week made me very happy!

An abundance of YELLOW everywhere! even if I had to bring in a few props to help…

Flowers, fruit, cakes, cups and table tops!

Plenty of YELLOW found on the streets of Shoreditch this weekend.

Thank you YELLOW for brightening up my week! Next up is PINK!

You can follow along on Instagram… or at color//colour lovers HQ – where Andrea and I share the project.



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February 3rd, 2015 at 11:12 am


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RED is a great way to start the color//colour lovers project – so vibrant, so fun!

Pops of RED make even the hardest of weeks bearable…

A good excuse to wear RED tights and my RED coat.

And look for RED things…

Thanks RED for kicking off the playtime so brilliantly!

Today we start looking for YELLOW -

You can find Andrea & I over on Instagram… our shared place… looking for inspiration… or back here.


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January 26th, 2015 at 10:08 am


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Three cheers for color//colour lovers! Back for a THIRD time (last winter & summer)… The best tonic for Andrea & I – more colour when you most need it.

Each Monday a new colour adventure begins and all week Andrea & I are going to search & capture that colour…

Photograph colour // Film colour // Wear colour // Play with colourful props // Go on colour hunts // Make bouquets of colourful flowers // Make GIFs of colour // Paint my nails // Look in my archives for colour.

Here’s the order of play -

week one: Mon 19th Jan : RED - #colorcolourRED

week two: Mon 26th Jan : YELLOW - #colorcolourYELLOW

week three: Mon 2nd Feb : PINK - #colorcolourPINK

week four: Mon 9th Feb : GREEN - #colorcolourGREEN

week five: Mon 16th Feb : ORANGE - #colorcolourORANGE

week six: Mon 23rd Feb : BLUE - #colorcolourBLUE

I’ll be sharing my colours here and over on Instagram using #colorcolourlovers and the colour of the week hashtag… and then both Andrea & I will add photos to our shared collection.

Please feel free to join us – the more colour the better!

Let’s get this week of RED started!


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January 19th, 2015 at 11:52 am


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I kinda wanted the year to start with a bang, but so far it’s been a slow burner. I’m easing myself in. There are plans, ideas and projects… coming slowly… I’m trusting that and moving towards them.

Making big things happen at the beginning of the year is not great for me… I prefer the springtime – that’s my time to take action. I still feel like hibernating in the darkness right now, ready to emerge in the spring.

This feeling has not been helped by a quiet week at home with Cosmo, who’s been ill and off school. Being stuck indoors has left me needing inspiration… the desire to get out a shoot something other than my table and flowers!

I had to take my bike round the block yesterday, just to feel the wind in my hair and see the beautiful sunshine.

One delight so far this year has been my course – A Year of Creating Time Capsules is going brilliantly – 100 films have been made already in the first month!. There’s so much creativity as I watch people lives from all over the world – their families, their stories, the things that matter to them. These films will be so treasured and it’s only been the first month… I’m so excited for all they can create during 2015. There’s still time to join in – Registration will close at the end of January.

This project is sure to lift my spirits – color//colourlovers is back! Andrea and I will be back with our favourite way to blast the winter blahs and search out colour… on Instagram and in our shared space. We begin on Monday… I can’t wait – see you then.

I’ve been gathering loads of inspiration before we begin! This colour tonic is sure to burst me out of hibernation.

Follow Xanthe’s board ALL ABOUT THE COLOUR! on Pinterest.

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January 16th, 2015 at 9:50 am

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Christmas & New Year flew by in a flash of gatherings & celebrations, blustery walks & lazing on the sofa, tensions & elations, card games & dancing, ice & sunshine…

My camera was with me to document some of these festive moments (although most of this film doesn’t look very festive!) – I had really wanted to rest after a busy year, but I like capturing what we’re doing, it’s part of how I see the world, so I can’t just turn off. The biggest struggle is my dislike of indoor lighting, so most of my film is our outdoors activities and the bits with the crummy lighting are special things I want to remember – in 5 years, I won’t care about that.

Want to make your own films like this? There’s still time to sign up for A Year of Creating Time Capsules… a whole year making films of your life – your fleeting moments, your memories all packaged up into a film. The course is packed with inspiration, tips & tricks from shooting to editing your film and an amazing community all motivating each other… Registration will close at the end of January – more details HERE.

Film and photos shot on Canon EOS 5DmIII with additional slow mo footage shot in iPhone 5s


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January 15th, 2015 at 5:23 pm


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It’s good to have dreams… things you’d like to do or make happen. I use to think that you shouldn’t declare it, coz otherwise you jinx it and disappointment creeps in… Oh and don’t ask for stuff – just wait till you’re offered it.

What nonsense! If you’d like to make something happen, you have to go after it – declare it – focus on it and then take steps towards it.

Travel & adventuring has always been a huge love for my family… the boys thrive outdoors seeing new stuff, Luke is amazing with languages and meeting new people… and the ability to view new locations through my lens is a gift… a life long passion.

Over the past few years we had some amazing opportunities to see the worldfar flung places and discoveries closer to home – all of them have enriched us so much… we made them happen, through hard work, putting ourselves out there and sprinkles of home made good fortune.

So when the lovely Zoe at Pinterest asked me to create a board with my 2015 travel resolutions… I thought what better way to manifest some travel dreams for this year…

Follow Xanthe’s board ADVENTURE INSPIRATIONS FOR 2015 on Pinterest.

For the first time in a few years our calendar is empty… ready & waiting to be filled – where will we go next?!



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January 9th, 2015 at 12:49 pm

2014 :: WHAT A YEAR!

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Before I can welcome in 2015, it’s a good idea to say thanks to 2014 as it’s been an incredible year…

It started with a word… my intention for the year ahead. I knew it was going to be a big year for me – big birthday, big intentions & big plans… it was the year to make lots happen.

I wanted to build on everything I’ve been working toward for years… I wanted to succeed in growing my business, be open & receive more opportunities, spend time adventuring & travelling with my family & for my work, push myself beyond my comfort zone…do the work I really love…. it was time to really thrive.

I’m beyond grateful for this year, for the things I experienced, for the steps I’ve taken, for the work I’ve created, for the places I’ve seen, for the people I’ve met & photographed or filmed, for the people I’ve taught, for the happiness, for the opportunities to do what I love and share that with my family.

2014 you rocked – My personal highlights are below… {not everything about the year was easy or fun, but I don’t want to dwell on that as when I focus on the good and the positive, more of that comes…} Long may the goodness continue, as I hope 2015 brings plenty more of this…

The year started off with a colour project to blast the greys away… color//colourlovers with Andrea. (We found colour again in July and hopefully it will be back in 2015)

February was a trip to Germany with some awesome instagrammers…

March was my birthday – so I reminisced, had a party and began a love affair with my new bike - oh and finally made the birthday list.

The love of card tricks was in full effect.

April saw the first camping trip of the year and running through fields of yellow… as the light returned.

The month of May was a packed one – beginning with a trip to Nice to celebrate my friend’s 40th with all my girlfriends & our families… & one of my films used by Canon on their site…

Blogtactular pushed me out of my comfort zone with a colourful balloon photo walk and a talk sharing my film making & storytelling tips.

At the end of May was the big trip to Mexico. This fun filled trip had us body surfing in the ocean and zip lining through the jungle TWICE… and so much more. All thanks to First Choice holidays.

June & July were packed to the brim as the summer began – moving house, weekends away, wonderful family sessions, a day at Wimbledon, fun at Pedlars, more camping and the best festival fun at Somersault.

August brought much needed calm as the boys went away and it was just us. Time for some family sessions and then we all travelled to Wales to visit Harwarden and then Pembrokshire, via colourful scenery.

It was a BRILLIANT summer - A real delight.

September – First, The Good Life Experience gave us a wonderful taste of the outdoors…

Then I traveled along the most beautiful train journey to Rhode Island and guided a lovely bunch of ladies on colourful photo walks for Squam In The City, thanks to Elizabeth for inviting me.

October – three days in New York! and then one day in Palma!

And A Week of Mornings… sometimes the everyday is the most beautiful.

November was focused on GATHER :: the first retreat hosted by Kim and I – a beach house in California to shoot and share our passions with a bunch of kindred spirits. It was a dream come true and where I shared Luke’s first spoon.

Thank you to everyone who made it so amazing, especially to my dear friend Kim.

And here we are in December… at the end with a full heart – There was a beautiful Saturday & a look at my Sunday films, an addiction to slow mo and all the festive celebrations.

Thank you 2014 – you whizzed by so brilliantly + thank you to all my boys who fill my life with so much joy and energy.

Roll on 2015 – Let it be the best year yet! I’m ready for more…


I’ll be back next week with my word for 2015… have you chosen yours??




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December 30th, 2014 at 8:53 pm

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