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I watched this yesterday, as I’m getting ready for Creating Time Capsules which starts tomorrow…

Oh my goodness, it transported me right back to last summer… the adventures, the sunshine, the camping – so dreamy.

Roll on summer, we’re waiting for you. I could just dive back into that film… or at least some of these photos!

Let’s announce the winners of my giveaway -

For Creating Time Capsules – Rose’s Daughter

For TANGIBLE Time Capsules - Aline

I’ll be sending out an email with all the details… Thanks for taking part. See you in class…

Just a few more summer memories… soon we’ll be back round the campfire and running through fields of yellow.


If you want to be inspired to capture your memories through photos and video… check out my latest courses.



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At the beginning of the color//colour lovers project, we spent one weekend playing around in London with balloons tied to ribbons. I’ve shared some the photos during the project, but there are plenty of leftovers…

I fancied a boost of colour today… I hope they make you smile too.

Thankfully our boys love a bit fun, running and jumping with props for me – colour & balloons will always bring out happiness!

I love balloons – so much so, I want to fill the house with them for my birthday next week… you can never be too old for balloons.



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March 19th, 2014 at 12:46 pm


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The card trick obsession with the boys has been building momentum all year. In fact, I can’t go more than 10 mins in the boy’s company, without being offered the chance to pick a card and have the latest trick/shuffle or something card related shared with me.

So much so, that even after being away for 3 days on my Germany trip… I wasn’t greeted with a hug or hello, just “pick a card!”.

That means there’s a fair amount of footage of these tricks, so I’ve complied them together in a one minute memory film – these films are approx one minute long (sometimes a little more, but not more than two mins) and based on one subject or similar content. It’s one of the projects I suggest people taking my Creating Time Capsules try, as you don’t have to have lots of footage, you can keep it simple and focus on the one part of your life that you want to remember.

A memory all packaged up into a little film – lovely!

The next round of Creating Time Capsules starts this Friday – I won’t be running it again till September, as I have plans for bigger summer course brewing, using some of the elements found in this course, and structured in a different way… gathering all your summer memories through video and photos – into “THE SUMMER OF HAPPY”

There’s still time to sign up… and there’s still time to enter for a chance to win a place over here.



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March 18th, 2014 at 4:10 pm


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I’m currently offering two ways of capturing your stories, through my e-courses – one through video and one photography based.

My original Creating Time Capsules course starts this Friday. All the details are here. For six weeks, we play and explore different ways to capture parts of your life through movement, using video story telling and making your photos move through slideshows and stop motion… and editing your footage altogether into a digital Time Capsule – a film you can enjoy forever!

Here are some of the lovely things people have said about taking part – HERE & HERE.

There’s still to register – Would you like to join us?

Then I have a new offering… Still based around the idea of a Time Capsule… but this time a more tradition one… something you can hold in your hand.

I’m keen to share my love of shooting photographs, on my DSLR & mobile photo. Through photo prompts & projects, we’ll capture little parts of our lives, with a view to printing these photos to be placed in a box (or book).

A real TANGIBLE Time Capsule to create a memory stamp of us and our families, things that evoke a memory, and take us back, completely, to that moment in time.

The printing of photos tends to be forgotten as we view so much on our devices… but I believe in a print in your hand and the memories that it can bring back.

As I love a giveaway (and it’s my birthday next week!) I thought I’d offer one place on each course.

All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know which course you’d prefer to take part in and I’ll choose a random winner on Thurs 20th, just in time to start on the video course.

Thanks so much… Happy Monday to you!



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March 17th, 2014 at 3:54 pm


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I’m constantly surprised, amazed and yes, “humbled” by this online world… the people you meet, the friendships that flourish, the inspiration gained, the creativity that flows and the opportunities received.

None more so, than on the Lumia in focus tour last week. As you can see from the film above… we had A LOT of fun and good times exploring & experimenting.

A bunch of Instagrammers from all over Europe, were invited to trial the Nokia Lumia 1020. Then go on a trip together to Germany, to visit the Carl Zeiss factory, who make the lenses for Nokia cameras and tell the story of this journey with our new cameras.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity, as the people who gathered were such a diverse bunch of creatives, all creating something special on Instagram… while making connections through this love of taking and sharing photos.

I had only just started playing with the camera before we left, but gained so much from seeing others shooting with it and understanding the technology from Nokia and the partnership with Zeiss lenses.

We spent a day at the Carl Zeiss factory learning all about their process and then headed to play in the pine forests to catch the last light.

We experimented with all the features of the Lumia 1020. I especially like the action shot feature, where you can take multiple shots and the camera compiles them altogether.

New friendships were made – there’s something about when photographers or instagrammers get together – Comrades through the love of shooting.

We all fell in love with the camera as we captured every part of the trip… from portraits of each other… to the beautiful scenery and the journey, as we took the train to Munich the next day.

It was a whirlwind of creativity & laughter – the best ingredients for any kind of trip.

Thank you everyone who made it possible – I had such a great time!




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March 13th, 2014 at 1:21 pm


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The color // colour lovers project was a long time coming… Andrea & I first discussed it during our evenings in the hot tub at the Shuttersisters Oasis gathering at the Ace Hotel back in 2012… and then during our run around Paris in 2013… sounds so jet-setter-like doesn’t it?!… I kinda like it, even if name dropping places you’ve been, is just as bad as mentioning famous people you’ve hung with.

So a colour project together was on the cards… it was just a matter of when.

Winter loomed… could we start something in Dec 2013?… not really, with Christmas and various things going on. The new year seemed right, especially as Jan & Feb are notoriously grey, cold and dull. It was going to happen in 2014.

Titles for the project went back and forth via email… then it made sense to be -

Color – because Andrea is in the US.

Colour – because I’m in the UK.

SO color // colour lovers was born.

Instead of a week long colour project, where you photograph one colour each day… we wanted more. One colour per week… to explore it, wear it, play with it… generally seek it out and capture it however we desired.

It was 7 weeks of gloriousness… it beat the winter blues out into the atmosphere.

Completely fantastic to indulge in colour in so many ways.

Both Andrea & I shot in our own way and shared the result in what we’re naming “our happy place”. We didn’t want to be restricted to a timetable of image making or frame formats that can come from a diptych project – we just wanted to let our creativity flow, upload when we could, and work at a pace that suited what was going on in the rest of our lives – this was a side project after all.

Rather wonderfully there has been some magic and some shots that were taken totally separately, are totally linked – I love a little serendipity!

SO that’s why to mark the end of this round, I’ve made some diptychs. I think they’re rather lovely.

Different, yet complimenting to each other.

This is what’s brilliant about collaborations.

Thanks for taking this colourful ride with me Andrea – it’s been even better than I could’ve imagined.

Thank you to everyone that took part on Instagram… there are hundreds of happy making colours over there and it was truly a joy to scroll them daily.

We’ll continue with color // colour lovers at a slow pace for now, uploading to the “happy place” when it feels right – with a view to be back in the June for summer colour extravaganza!

All the diptychs are - Andrea on the left – Xanthe on the right (but you probably knew that!)




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My new online course is launching today! TANGIBLE Time Capsules. YAY!

It’s all about photography projects and prompts to inspire you to capture parts of your life…

Then printing these images to put into a box (or on display), to create a memory stamp of us, photos that evoke a memory, and take us back, completely, to that moment in time.

If you want a creative boost of how to photograph your wonderful life… they’ll be plenty of inspiration of what to shoot and how.

If you already love photography but don’t get round to printing… this might be the course for you. A little boost to get you into the swing of printing and experiencing the joy of holding a photo in your hand instead of viewing on a device.

All the details are over here…

Registration is OPEN… I’d love you to come and join the fun.



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March 11th, 2014 at 2:13 pm


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Something rather wonderful happened during BLUE week…

There was a blue sky every. single. day… who would’ve thought this would happen when we started this colour// colour project 7 weeks ago?

It made the blossom even more beautiful. And made me smile everyday.

The blue skies even continued in Germany for the Lumia 1020 tour…

Making it most fabulous for photo taking…

And then yesterday… the gift of all gifts… the cherry on top of the cake.

A warm day of picnics on Hampstead Heath, sitting out on the blanket & lazing in hammocks we strung up in the trees… actually warm enough for bare feet and bare arms, even though the trees are still bare!

I take this as a wonderful sign that BLUE week supposed to happen this week and perhaps a sign of more good weather to come.


I’ll be back to round up this amazing colour // colour project with inspiring Andrea later in the week… can’t quite find the words yet…

But I must share this… I’ve loved the serendipity of certain images we’ve taken during this project. Take this one on the final day… yesterday a blue van spotted on the way to our picnic… and look Andrea found one too…




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March 10th, 2014 at 2:40 pm


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The very lovely people at Nokia have sent me a Lumia 1020 to play with and test out for a couple of months.

So I’ve been shooting photos, sharing some on Instagram… and having lots of fun.

The colours are so vibrant and there are some really cool features like creating action shots… which is great fun with my active boys.

Last weekend I thought I’d play around with the video element, as I headed out to the Photo Hunt (which I’ll write more about in another post).

So far the video has been great, I still need to play around with some of the features… but using the camera grip certainly helps to keep shots steady.

As it happens, an adventure awaits… I’m heading off with a few other instagrammers with Lumia 1020s in our hands… you can follow along on my instagram and I’ll be back next week with tales from our trip to Germany.


If you’re interested in learning how to make your own films like this….and these.

I share how to make slideshows & stop motion films plus shoot video, then edit it altogether in iMovie during my Creating Time Capsules course… Perhaps you’d like to join the fun we have? -

Check out all the details as registration is open now!


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March 5th, 2014 at 9:00 pm


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I love blurring the lens as we travel at night and watching the lights move on by.


A collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



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March 5th, 2014 at 10:28 am