our weekend

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It’s been quiet round here this weekend, the boys went off on their first adventure alone. Three nights camping and having the best time by all accounts, I’m thrilled for them with small pangs in my heart that they are growing up and creating their own magical moments.

So there was time for us… a length of time alone that we haven’t had since they were born.

We embraced the silence and hung out in the glorious sunshine, enjoying each other. Rare moments indeed.

Written by xanthe

May 2nd, 2011 at 9:35 pm

  • http://mainemomma.blogspot.com/ kristin

    oh goodness look at them walking away with those bog pack on their backs. gave ME a lump in my throat and i am not their mama. but oh how lovely it must have been to linger in the time alone together. the smiles say it was a good 3 days.

  • http://backyardink.wordpress.com/ Tina

    you guys are so cute together. sounds like everyone had a great weekend. :)