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I love this time of year… with springtime, my birthday and the Easter four day weekend on the horizon.

So when Anthropologie here in UK asked me if I’d like to create a film, sharing how I would lay the table & cook up a special lunch for a family Easter weekend lunch… I jumped at the chance!

Take a look…

Lately I find weekends are full of work, chores and social engagements… well, it’s mostly the boys who do all the socialising! But we’re always out & about doing something, so taking time to hang out at home was pretty lovely.

The boys helped lay the table, although that might have had something to do with chocolate eggs…

The brilliant Clare of Achillea provided colourful blooms in vintage stone jars, to compliment the duck egg blue plates and pink glassware…

I was so excited at how pretty the table looked. I’m totally in love with all the tableware, especially the table cloth and napkins… they will be wonderful for future summer parties!

So if you’re looking for some menu inspiration for your Easter weekend… I decided to keep it really simple… so we could focus on more time sat around the table, rather than slaving over a hot stove.

To start – Butternut squash soup with warmed baguette. 

Then – A simple roast chicken and potatoes… 

and a garden salad, both colourful and delicious. 

Then dessert – Pavlova with fresh berries… please don’t notice that it’s a shop bought pavlova, I would’ve made a real one, but laying the table was way more fun than spending even more time in the kitchen!

Still tasted amazing… especially on the stunning plates by Lou Rota, those colours make me so happy!.

One last highlight… these glasses are beautiful and the boys loved them…

They’ve never used such fancy glassware, it was so cute to watch them enjoying them.

And naturally Luke had some bubbles…

What a lovely day… hope it inspires you to cook up something delicious, lay the table with some prettiness and celebrate springtime finally arriving.

Note about the collaboration – I was commissioned to create the photos & film for the Anthropologie blog – pop over there to see the post – it’s rather lovely! but I was so excited by the photos, film and all the prettiness, I wanted to share it here too… hope you enjoy it!

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March 20th, 2016 at 6:00 am

  • Brandi Corriveau

    Gah, gorgeous!

  • Bella Cirovic

    Xanthe. I’m blown away by the beauty here. xo